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Directions on compiling the right files

From: Fabrício Zimmerer Murta
Subject: Directions on compiling the right files
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 16:32:43 -0200


I am a bit lost here. We recently started a project using GNU Build System in order to make our package installable everywhere without mysteries of package-specific builds. Now I am facing a problem I will try to explain with an easier to understand example. Suppose I am making an application and it currently supports Linux system. Now suppose I am to add Windows access and this would imply adding some source files for windows-specific routines and removing some linux-specific routines. Some of the work can be done via preprocessor macros. But if some .c files are not to be compiled at all, I could either remove the entire file via macros, but I doubt I will get any .o out of these empty files, and I will not want to include these .o's in the linking phase. In other words, there will be new .c files that should be compiled only for the windows version and some .c files exclusive to the linux version. Suppose also I want to specify this at configure-time (e.g. "./configure" builds linux, "./configure --enable-win32" builds windows). I know I can do this on, but I don't know, at configure time, how would I change the Makefile's dependencies for each of these two builds. Any directions on how to do this (pointing a relatively simple package that does this also can help a lot) are very well accepted!

Thank you,
Fabricio Murta

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