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Solaris 10 -z text

From: Art Hundiak
Subject: Solaris 10 -z text
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 08:26:47 -0800 (PST)

So I'm trying to build a module on Slaris 10 x86 with the SolStudio compiler.
This works from the command line:
ld -z text -G -h -o .libs/ 

In I have:
vdisom_la_LDFLAGS = -module -avoid-version

The libtool output looks like:
libtool: link: /opt/sunstudio12.1/bin/cc -xc99=all -G -h -o
.libs/  .libs/vdisom_la-som_ISO_fetch.o   -R/usr/local/lib
-L/usr/local/lib -lc  -m32

Two problems:
1. When I try to dynamically load the .so I get:
Illegal redefinition of global variable "_lib_version"

2. I'm fairly certain I also need to pass -z text to the linker as well.

It seems like there should be a LDFLAGS option which will make all this work
magically.  But I have gone through the options  without finding it.

Any pointers would be appreciated.
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