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Re: make dist-lzma and make dist-xz

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: make dist-lzma and make dist-xz
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 18:17:26 +0100
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oOn Monday 12 December 2011, Peter Rosin wrote:
> Hi!
Hi Peter.

> I noticed that the changes to "make dist-xz" to default to -e fixed
> the xz.test on MinGW, but that lzma.test still fails (lzma: (stdin): Not
> enough memory).
[BTW: thanks for your continuous testing with Cygwin and MinGW!]

> Hoping to fix the last fail in the testsuite, I looked
> into adding something like LZMA_OPT or something to "make dist-lzma".
> But in my cursory googling, I could not get my grips around what variable
> to use. Does anyone know?
I don't, but I have another consideration: since lzma seems to be supersed
by xz [1][2], couldn't we simply deprecate the `dist-lzma' option in this
11.1.2 version, and remove it altogether from the next major (or even minor)
version?  WDYT?

    "LZMA Utils are legacy data compression software with high compression
     ratio. LZMA Utils are no longer developed, ...  Users of LZMA Utils
     should move to XZ Utils."

      Generate an `xz' tar archive of the distribution. xz archives are
      frequently smaller than bzip2-compressed archives. The `xz' format
      will soon (early 2009) displace the ‘lzma’ format"

> However, what I did find was that there is a variable named XZ_DEFAULT.
> Shouldn't that be considered before "forcing" -e when XZ_OPT is missing?
From the xz manpage:

    User-specific  or  system-wide default options.  Typically this is
    set in a shell initialization script to enable xz's memory usage
    limiter by default.  Excluding shell initialization scripts and
    similar special cases, scripts must never set or unset XZ_DEFAULTS.

So XZ_DEFAULTS is mostly meant to allow the user to set default memory
usage limiters; since we don't touch such a setting in our use of
XZ_OPT, I say we should be pretty safe.  Moreover:

    This is for passing options to xz when it is not possible to
    set the options directly on the xz command line ...
    Scripts may use XZ_OPT e.g. to set script-specific default
    compression options.  It is still recommended to allow users
    to override XZ_OPT if that is reasonable ...

and our use of XZ_OPT seems consistent with the advice given here.


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