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Automake 1.11.2 released

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Automake 1.11.2 released
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 11:48:19 +0100
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We are pleased to announce the Automake 1.11.2 maintenance release.

It contains a few new minor features, some new warnings meant to inform
the users about backward-incompatibilities that will be introduced in the
next major and minor versions, and a bunch of bugfixes.  This release is
almost backward-compatible with older versions, but for the fact that
some deprecated constructs and usages might now be flagged when `-Wall'
and/or `-Wobsolete' are in use.

See below for the detailed list of changes since automake 1.11.1, as
summarized by the NEWS file.

Download here:

Please report bugs and problems to <address@hidden>, and send
general comments and feedback to <address@hidden>.

Thanks to everyone who has reported problems, contributed patches,
and helped testing Automake!

- -*-*-*-

New in 1.11.2:

* WARNING: Future backward-incompatibilities!

  - The Automake support for automatic de-ANSI-fication will be removed in
    the next major Automake release (1.12).

  - The `--acdir' option of aclocal is deprecated, and will probably be
    removed in the next major Automake release (1.12).

  - The exact order in which the directories in the aclocal macro
    search path are looked up is probably going to be changed in the
    next Automake release (1.12).

  - Starting from the next Automake release (1.12), warnings in the
    `extra-portability' category will be enabled by `-Wall' (right now,
    one has to use `-Wextra-portability' explicitly).

* Changes to aclocal:

  - The `--acdir' option is deprecated.  Now you should use the new options
    `--automake-acdir' and `--system-acdir' instead.

  - The `ACLOCAL_PATH' environment variable is now interpreted as a
    colon-separated list of additional directories to search after the
    automake internal acdir (by default ${prefix}/share/aclocal-APIVERSION)
    and before the system acdir (by default ${prefix}/share/aclocal).

* Miscellaneous changes:

  - The `lzma' compression scheme and associated automake option `dist-lzma'
    is obsoleted by `xz' and `dist-xz' due to upstream changes.

  - You may adjust the compression options used in dist-xz and dist-bzip2.
    The default is now merely -e for xz, but still -9 for bzip;  you may
    specify a different level via the XZ_OPT and BZIP2 envvars respectively.
    E.g., "make dist-xz XZ_OPT=-7" or "make dist-bzip2 BZIP2=-5"

  - The `compile' script now converts some options for MSVC for a better
    user experience.  Similarly, the new `ar-lib' script wraps Microsoft lib.

  - The py-compile script now accepts empty arguments passed to the options
    `--destdir' and `--basedir', and complains about unrecognized options.
    Moreover, a non-option argument or a special `--' argument terminates
    the list of options.

  - A developer that needs to pass specific flags to configure at "make
    distcheck" time can now, and indeed is advised to, do so by defining
    the developer-reserved makefile variable AM_DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS,
    instead of the old DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS.
    The DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS variable should now be reserved for the
    user; still, the old files that used to define it will
    still continue to work as before.

  - New macro AM_PROG_AR that looks for an archiver and wraps it in the new
    'ar-lib' auxiliary script if the selected archiver is Microsoft lib.
    This new macro is required for LIBRARIES and LTLIBRARIES when automake
    is run with -Wextra-portability and -Werror.

  - When using DejaGnu-based testsuites, the user can extend the `site.exp'
    file generated by automake-provided rules by defining the special make
    variable `$(EXTRA_DEJAGNU_SITE_CONFIG)'.

  - The `install-info' rule can now be instructed not to create/update
    the `${infodir}/dir' file, by exporting the new environment variable
    `AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR' to the value "no".

Bugs fixed in 1.11.2:

* Bugs introduced by 1.11:

  - The parallel-tests driver no longer produces erroneous results with
    Tru64/OSF 5.1 sh upon unreadable log files.

  - The `parallel-tests' test driver does not report spurious successes
    when used with concurrent FreeBSD make (e.g., "make check -j3").

  - When the parallel-tests driver is in use, automake now explicitly
    rejects invalid entries and conditional contents in TEST_EXTENSIONS,
    instead of issuing confusing and apparently unrelated error messages
    (e.g., "non-POSIX variable name", "bad characters in variable name",
    or "redefinition of TEST_EXTENSIONS), or even, in some situations,
    silently producing broken `' files.

  - The `silent-rules' option now truly silences all compile rules, even
    when dependency tracking is disabled.  Also, when `silent-rules' is
    not used, `make' output no longer contains spurious backslash-only
    lines, thus once again matching what Automake did before 1.11.

  - The AM_COND_IF macro also works if the shell expression for the
    conditional is no longer valid for the condition.

* Long-standing bugs:

  - The order of Yacc and Lex flags is fixed to be consistent with other
    languages: $(AM_YFLAGS) comes before $(YFLAGS), and $(AM_LFLAGS) before
    $(LFLAGS), so that the user variables override the developer variables.

  - "make distcheck" now correctly complains also when "make uninstall"
    leaves one and only one file installed in $(prefix).

  - A "make uninstall" issued before a "make install", or after a mere
    "make install-data" or a mere "make install-exec" does not spuriously
    fail anymore.

  - Automake now warns about more primary/directory invalid combinations,
    such as "doc_LIBRARIES" or "pkglib_PROGRAMS".

  - Rules generated by Automake now try harder to not change any files when
    `make -n' is invoked.  Fixes include compilation of Emacs Lisp, Vala, or
    Yacc source files and the rule to update config.h.

  - Several scripts and the parallel-tests testsuite driver now exit with
    the right exit status upon receiving a signal.

  - A setting of -Werror does not erroneously carry over
    to the handling of other files.

  - The code for automatic dependency tracking works around a Solaris
    make bug triggered by sources containing repeated slashes when the
    `subdir-objects' option was used.

  - The makedepend and hp depmodes now work better with VPATH builds.

  - Java sources specified with check_JAVA are no longer compiled for
    "make all", but only for "make check".

  - An usage like "java_JAVA =" will now cause Automake to warn
    and error out if `javadir' is undefined, instead of silently producing
    a broken

  - aclocal and automake now honour the configure-time definitions of
    AUTOCONF and AUTOM4TE when they spawn autoconf or autom4te processes.

  - The `install-info' recipe no longer tries to guess whether the
    `install-info' program is from Debian or from GNU, and adaptively
    change its behaviour; this has proven to be frail and easy to
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