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Re: Automake 1.11.2b test release

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: Automake 1.11.2b test release
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 15:18:31 +0100
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Stefano Lattarini skrev 2012-01-26 16:17:
> Hi Peter.
> On 01/26/2012 04:08 PM, Peter Rosin wrote:
>> Stefano Lattarini skrev 2012-01-25 09:40:
>>> Please report bugs and problems to <address@hidden>, and send
>>> general comments and feedback to <address@hidden>.
>> Looks as usual on MinGW with cl, with only lzma.test failing as reported
>> previously (can be avoided with XZ_DEFAULTS=--memlimit=150MiB in the
>> environment, but I forgot about that).
> That's good news!
> BTW, I can now report that the testsuite passes also on a Cygwin 1.5.25
> system (unfortunately, most Texinfo tests are skipped there, since TeX
> is not installed on the system).

And here's from Cygwin "1.7.10s(0.259/5/3) 20120123" (latest snapshot, with
release candidate "quality", 1.7.10 is coming RSN, as they say).

lzma.test fails for the same reason as above in MinGW, and transform2.test
is an old known failure. JFTR, my TeX install has been corrected with a tiny
patch (that has been mentioned previously on the Automake lists).


$ make check -j8
Making check in lib
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib'
Making check in Automake
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib/Automake'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `check'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib/Automake'
Making check in am
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib/am'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `check'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib/am'
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib'
make[2]: Nothing to be done for `check-am'.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/lib'
Making check in .
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `check-am'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b'
Making check in contrib
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/contrib'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `check'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/contrib'
Making check in doc
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/doc'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `check'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/doc'
Making check in m4
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/m4'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `check'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/m4'
Making check in tests
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
make  defs aclocal-1.11 automake-1.11
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
make[2]: `defs' is up to date.
make[2]: `aclocal-1.11' is up to date.
make[2]: `automake-1.11' is up to date.
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
make  check-TESTS
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
PASS: pm/
PASS: pm/
PASS: pm/
PASS: pm/
SKIP: get-sysconf.test
PASS: self-check-env-sanitize.test
PASS: self-check-report.test
PASS: pm/
PASS: aclocal3.test
PASS: pm/
PASS: aclocal.test
PASS: aclocal8.test
PASS: acloca11.test
PASS: aclibobj.test
PASS: aclocal9.test
PASS: acloca12.test
PASS: acloca15.test
PASS: acloca16.test
PASS: acloca17.test
PASS: aclocal6.test
PASS: acloca10.test
PASS: aclocal4.test
PASS: acloca19.test
PASS: acloca21.test
PASS: acloca13.test
PASS: aclocal5.test
PASS: aclocal-install-absdir.test
PASS: aclocal-print-acdir.test
PASS: acloca20.test
PASS: aclocal-path.test
PASS: aclocal-path-install.test
PASS: aclocal-path-nonexistent.test
PASS: aclocal-path-precedence.test
PASS: acloca18.test
PASS: aclocal-acdir.test
PASS: acoutnoq.test
PASS: acoutpt.test
PASS: aclocal-path-install-serial.test
PASS: acloca14.test
PASS: acoutqnl.test
PASS: acsilent.test
PASS: acoutpt2.test
PASS: acloca22.test
PASS: acsubst.test
PASS: acsubst2.test
XFAIL: all.test
PASS: acoutbs.test
PASS: aclocal7.test
PASS: acoutbs2.test
SKIP: amhello-cross-compile.test
PASS: amassign.test
PASS: alloca.test
PASS: alloca2.test
PASS: ammissing.test
PASS: amopt.test
PASS: amhello-binpkg.test
PASS: alpha.test
PASS: alpha2.test
PASS: all2.test
PASS: amsubst.test
PASS: ansi2.test
PASS: ansi4.test
PASS: amhello-cflags.test
PASS: ansi8.test
PASS: ansi.test
PASS: ansi3b.test
PASS: ansi3.test
PASS: ar-lib.test
PASS: ansi5.test
PASS: ar-lib2.test
SKIP: ar-lib5a.test
PASS: ar-lib3.test
PASS: libtool-macros.test
PASS: ansi9.test
PASS: ansi6.test
PASS: ar2.test
PASS: ar-lib7.test
PASS: ansi2knr-deprecation.test
PASS: ansi7.test
PASS: ar3.test
PASS: ar.test
PASS: ar4.test
PASS: ar5.test
PASS: ansi10.test
PASS: ar-lib5b.test
PASS: autodist-acconfig.test
PASS: autodist-acconfig-no-subdir.test
PASS: asm.test
PASS: autodist-no-duplicate.test
PASS: autodist.test
PASS: autodist-aclocal-m4.test
PASS: asm2.test
PASS: autohdr.test
PASS: asm3.test
PASS: autodist-config-headers.test
PASS: autohdr2.test
PASS: autodist-configure-no-subdir.test
PASS: autodist-subdir.test
PASS: auxdir.test
PASS: autodist-stamp-vti.test
PASS: automake.test
XFAIL: auxdir2.test
PASS: auxdir3.test
PASS: auxdir4.test
PASS: backsl2.test
PASS: backsl.test
PASS: backsl3.test
PASS: autohdrdry.test
PASS: badline.test
PASS: badopt.test
PASS: block.test
PASS: badprog.test
PASS: bsource.test
PASS: canon.test
PASS: backsl4.test
PASS: canon2.test
PASS: canon3.test
PASS: canon4.test
PASS: canon-name.test
PASS: check.test
PASS: autohdr4.test
PASS: autohdr3.test
PASS: ccnoco2.test
PASS: canon5.test
PASS: check2.test
PASS: ccnoco3.test
PASS: check3.test
PASS: check4.test
PASS: check5.test
SKIP: check12.test
PASS: check10.test
PASS: ccnoco.test
PASS: check11.test
PASS: check6.test
PASS: check-exported-srcdir.test
PASS: check7.test
PASS: checkall.test
PASS: check9.test
PASS: clean.test
PASS: check8.test
PASS: check-tests_environment.test
PASS: colneq2.test
PASS: check-concurrency-bug9245.test
PASS: colon.test
PASS: colon2.test
PASS: colneq.test
PASS: check-tests-in-builddir.test
PASS: colon3.test
PASS: colon4.test
SKIP: color2.test
PASS: colon5.test
PASS: clean2.test
PASS: tests-environment-backcompat.test
PASS: colon6.test
PASS: colon7.test
PASS: comment.test
PASS: comment2.test
PASS: comment3.test
PASS: comment4.test
PASS: comment7.test
PASS: comment9.test
PASS: commen11.test
PASS: commen10.test
PASS: color.test
PASS: compile.test
SKIP: compile4.test
SKIP: compile2.test
PASS: compile3.test
PASS: compile6.test
PASS: comment8.test
PASS: compile_f90_c_cxx.test
PASS: compile_f_c_cxx.test
PASS: comment5.test
PASS: cond.test
PASS: comments-in-var-def.test
PASS: cond2.test
PASS: comment6.test
PASS: cond3.test
PASS: cond6.test
SKIP: compile5.test
PASS: cond7.test
PASS: cond8.test
PASS: cond10.test
PASS: cond13.test
PASS: cond5.test
PASS: cond14.test
PASS: cond15.test
PASS: cond9.test
XFAIL: cond17.test
PASS: cond20.test
PASS: cond16.test
PASS: cond18.test
PASS: cond23.test
PASS: cond11.test
PASS: cond24.test
PASS: cond21.test
PASS: cond25.test
PASS: cond22.test
PASS: cond26.test
PASS: cond27.test
PASS: cond28.test
PASS: cond4.test
PASS: cond29.test
PASS: cond36.test
PASS: cond19.test
PASS: cond33.test
PASS: cond30.test
PASS: cond31.test
PASS: cond41.test
PASS: cond34.test
PASS: cond38.test
PASS: cond32.test
PASS: cond37.test
PASS: cond35.test
PASS: cond43.test
PASS: cond44.test
PASS: cond45.test
PASS: cond42.test
PASS: condinc.test
PASS: condinc2.test
PASS: cond40.test
PASS: condhook.test
PASS: condhook2.test
PASS: condlib.test
PASS: condman.test
PASS: condman2.test
PASS: cond39.test
PASS: condd.test
PASS: conff2.test
PASS: confh4.test
PASS: configure.test
PASS: confdeps.test
PASS: condman3.test
PASS: confincl.test
PASS: confh7.test
PASS: conflnk.test
PASS: confh.test
PASS: confh6.test
PASS: conflnk2.test
PASS: confh5.test
PASS: conff.test
PASS: confh8.test
PASS: confvar.test
PASS: confvar2.test
PASS: copy.test
PASS: ctarget1.test
PASS: cxx.test
PASS: cxx2.test
PASS: cxxansi.test
PASS: conflnk3.test
PASS: cxxcpp.test
PASS: confsub.test
PASS: cxxlibobj.test
PASS: defun.test
PASS: cxxlink.test
PASS: cxxnoc.test
SKIP: dejagnu3.test
PASS: cxxo.test
SKIP: dejagnu4.test
SKIP: dejagnu5.test
PASS: cygwin32.test
SKIP: dejagnu6.test
SKIP: dejagnu7.test
SKIP: dejagnu-absolute-builddir.test
SKIP: dejagnu-relative-srcdir.test
SKIP: dejagnu-siteexp-extend.test
PASS: dash.test
PASS: conflnk4.test
PASS: defun2.test
PASS: dejagnu.test
PASS: depacl2.test
PASS: depcomp.test
PASS: dejagnu2.test
SKIP: depcomp5.test
PASS: dejagnu-siteexp-useredit.test
PASS: dejagnu-siteexp-append.test
PASS: depcomp2.test
PASS: depcomp3.test
PASS: deleted-am.test
PASS: deleted-m4.test
PASS: depcomp6.test
PASS: depcomp9.test
PASS: depend.test
PASS: depdist.test
SKIP: depcomp10.test
PASS: depend3.test
PASS: depcomp4.test
PASS: depend2.test
PASS: dirlist.test
PASS: dirlist2.test
PASS: depend6.test
PASS: depend5.test
PASS: discover.test
PASS: depend4.test
PASS: destdir.test
PASS: depcomp8a.test
PASS: dist-included-parent-dir.test
XFAIL: dist-auxfile-2.test
PASS: distcom2.test
PASS: dist-missing-included-m4.test
PASS: distcom3.test
PASS: dist-missing-am.test
PASS: distcom6.test
XFAIL: dist-auxfile.test
PASS: distcom4.test
PASS: distcom7.test
PASS: dist-missing-m4.test
PASS: distcom5.test
PASS: distlinks.test
PASS: distname.test
PASS: distcleancheck.test
PASS: distdir.test
PASS: depcomp7.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags.test
PASS: distlinksbrk.test
PASS: distcheck-hook.test
SKIP: distcheck-pr10470.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags-am.test
PASS: distcheck-configure-flags-subpkg.test
PASS: depcomp8b.test
PASS: doc-parsing-buglets-colneq-subst.test
PASS: distcheck-hook2.test
PASS: doc-parsing-buglets-tabs.test
PASS: dollar.test
PASS: distcheck-pr9579.test
PASS: dollarvar.test
PASS: dmalloc.test
PASS: dup2.test
PASS: double.test
PASS: else.test
PASS: empty2.test
PASS: empty3.test
PASS: empty4.test
PASS: exdir.test
PASS: empty.test
PASS: distcheck-override-infodir.test
PASS: exdir2.test
PASS: exeext3.test
PASS: exdir3.test
PASS: exsource.test
PASS: ext.test
PASS: exeext2.test
PASS: ext2.test
PASS: distcheck-missing-m4.test
PASS: exeext.test
PASS: exeext4.test
PASS: extra.test
PASS: extra2.test
PASS: dollarvar2.test
PASS: extra3.test
PASS: extra4.test
PASS: extra-portability2.test
PASS: extra-portability3.test
PASS: extra8.test
PASS: extra5.test
PASS: extra6.test
PASS: extra7.test
PASS: extra10.test
PASS: extra11.test
PASS: f90only.test
PASS: extra12.test
PASS: flibs.test
PASS: distcheck-outdated-m4.test
PASS: fnoc.test
PASS: fo.test
PASS: forcemiss.test
PASS: forcemiss2.test
PASS: fort1.test
PASS: extradep.test
SKIP: fort4.test
SKIP: fort5.test
PASS: fn99.test
PASS: extra-portability.test
PASS: fort2.test
PASS: fonly.test
PASS: fortdep.test
PASS: gcj.test
PASS: gcj2.test
SKIP: gettext-macros.test
PASS: gcj3.test
PASS: gcj5.test
PASS: gnuwarn2.test
PASS: gcj4.test
XFAIL: gcj6.test
PASS: fn99subdir.test
PASS: gnuwarn.test
PASS: gnits.test
PASS: help.test
PASS: hdr-vars-defined-once.test
PASS: header.test
PASS: help4.test
PASS: gnumake.test
PASS: help2.test
PASS: help-depend.test
PASS: help3.test
PASS: help-depend2.test
PASS: help-dmalloc.test
PASS: gnits2.test
PASS: help-init.test
PASS: help-lispdir.test
PASS: help-multilib.test
PASS: help-python.test
PASS: help-regex.test
PASS: help-upc.test
PASS: gnits3.test
PASS: init.test
PASS: implicit.test
PASS: info.test
PASS: help-silent.test
PASS: init2.test
PASS: insh2.test
PASS: installdir.test
PASS: extradep2.test
PASS: instsh3.test
PASS: instsh.test
PASS: hfs.test
PASS: install2.test
PASS: instsh2.test
PASS: instdat.test
SKIP: instdir-java.test
SKIP: instdir-lisp.test
PASS: instdat2.test
PASS: hosts.test
PASS: install-info-dir.test
PASS: instexec.test
PASS: instdir.test
PASS: instdir2.test
PASS: instdir-python.test
SKIP: instfail-java.test
PASS: instdir-prog.test
PASS: instman.test
PASS: instdir-texi.test
PASS: instfail-info.test
PASS: instman2.test
PASS: instfail.test
PASS: insthook.test
PASS: instdir-ltlib.test
PASS: interp.test
SKIP: java.test
PASS: interp2.test
PASS: instmany.test
SKIP: java-check.test
SKIP: java-empty-classpath.test
PASS: flavor.test
PASS: java2.test
PASS: javadir-undefined.test
SKIP: java-clean.test
SKIP: java-nobase.test
SKIP: java-compile-install.test
PASS: javaprim.test
PASS: javasubst.test
PASS: instmany-python.test
PASS: java-no-duplicate.test
PASS: java3.test
PASS: ldadd.test
PASS: instmany-mans.test
PASS: java-sources.test
PASS: lex.test
PASS: ldflags.test
PASS: java-mix.test
PASS: lex2.test
PASS: instfail-libtool.test
PASS: lex4.test
PASS: libexec.test
PASS: libobj2.test
PASS: libobj3.test
PASS: libobj4.test
XFAIL: lex-subobj-nodep.test
PASS: lflags.test
PASS: lflags2.test
PASS: libobj5.test
PASS: libobj7.test
PASS: libobj8.test
PASS: libobj11.test
PASS: lex5.test
PASS: libobj10.test
PASS: libobj14.test
PASS: library.test
PASS: library2.test
PASS: libobj13.test
PASS: library3.test
PASS: libtool.test
PASS: lex3.test
PASS: libobj12.test
PASS: libtool4.test
PASS: libtool2.test
PASS: libtool5.test
PASS: libtool6.test
PASS: libtool8.test
PASS: license2.test
PASS: link_c_cxx.test
PASS: link_dist.test
PASS: link_f90_only.test
PASS: license.test
PASS: link_fc.test
PASS: link_fccxx.test
PASS: libtool7.test
PASS: link_fcxx.test
SKIP: lisp3.test
PASS: libtool9.test
SKIP: lisp4.test
SKIP: lisp5.test
SKIP: lisp6.test
SKIP: lisp8.test
SKIP: lispdry.test
PASS: link_f_only.test
PASS: listval.test
PASS: location.test
PASS: longline.test
PASS: longlin2.test
PASS: lisp2.test
PASS: lisp7.test
PASS: ltdeps.test
PASS: libtool3.test
PASS: libtoo10.test
PASS: ltlibobjs.test
PASS: libtoo11.test
PASS: ltinstloc.test
SKIP: lzip.test
PASS: ltcond.test
PASS: ltcond2.test
PASS: m4-inclusion.test
FAIL: lzma.test
PASS: ltconv.test
PASS: maintclean.test
PASS: maintclean-vpath.test
PASS: maintmode-configure-msg.test
PASS: makefile-deps.test
PASS: ltorder.test
PASS: ltinit.test
PASS: makej2.test
PASS: maken.test
PASS: makevars.test
PASS: man.test
PASS: makej.test
PASS: make.test
PASS: man2.test
PASS: mdate.test
PASS: mdate2.test
PASS: man5.test
PASS: man4.test
PASS: mdate3.test
PASS: man3.test
PASS: mdate6.test
PASS: mdate4.test
PASS: ltlibsrc.test
PASS: mdate5.test
PASS: missing3.test
PASS: maken3.test
PASS: mkinstall.test
PASS: mkinst3.test
PASS: missing5.test
PASS: mkinst2.test
PASS: missing4.test
PASS: missing6.test
PASS: missing2.test
PASS: missing.test
PASS: mmodely.test
PASS: nobase-nodist.test
PASS: mmode.test
PASS: nodef.test
PASS: nodep.test
PASS: nobase-python.test
PASS: nobase.test
PASS: nodep2.test
PASS: nodepcomp.test
PASS: nodist.test
PASS: nodist3.test
PASS: nodef2.test
PASS: noinst.test
PASS: nodist2.test
PASS: nogzip2.test
PASS: noinstdir.test
PASS: nolink.test
PASS: number.test
PASS: nogzip.test
PASS: objc.test
PASS: objc2.test
PASS: order.test
PASS: notrans.test
PASS: obsolete.test
PASS: outdir.test
XFAIL: objext-pr10128.test
PASS: nostdinc.test
PASS: output.test
PASS: output2.test
PASS: output3.test
PASS: output4.test
PASS: output5.test
PASS: nobase-libtool.test
PASS: output6.test
PASS: output8.test
PASS: output7.test
PASS: output9.test
PASS: output10.test
PASS: output13.test
PASS: overrid.test
PASS: output11.test
PASS: output12.test
SKIP: parallel-tests2.test
PASS: multlib.test
PASS: output-order.test
PASS: parallel-tests4.test
PASS: parallel-tests.test
PASS: parallel-tests3.test
PASS: parallel-tests6.test
SKIP: instspc.test
PASS: parallel-am2.test
PASS: parallel-am3.test
PASS: parallel-am.test
PASS: parallel-tests7.test
PASS: parallel-tests10.test
PASS: parallel-tests-dryrun.test
PASS: parallel-tests5.test
PASS: parallel-tests9.test
PASS: parallel-tests-unreadable-log.test
PASS: parallel-tests-subdir.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-2.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-compiler-example.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-recheck.test
PASS: parse.test
PASS: parallel-tests8.test
PASS: percent.test
PASS: test-extensions-cond.test
PASS: test-extensions.test
PASS: parallel-tests-log-override-1.test
PASS: phony.test
PASS: pluseq2.test
PASS: pluseq.test
PASS: parallel-tests-harderror.test
PASS: percent2.test
PASS: pluseq3.test
PASS: pluseq4.test
PASS: pluseq6.test
PASS: pluseq8.test
PASS: pluseq7.test
PASS: pluseq9.test
PASS: pluseq5.test
PASS: ppf77.test
PASS: pluseq10.test
PASS: pluseq11.test
PASS: pr72.test
PASS: pr2.test
PASS: postproc.test
PASS: pr211.test
PASS: pr229.test
PASS: pr220.test
PASS: pr9.test
PASS: pr224.test
PASS: pr279.test
PASS: pr279-2.test
PASS: pr204.test
PASS: pr243.test
PASS: pr266.test
PASS: pr287.test
PASS: pr87.test
PASS: pr300-lib.test
PASS: prefix.test
PASS: pr300-prog.test
PASS: primary.test
PASS: primary2.test
PASS: primary-prefix-valid-couples.test
PASS: primary3.test
PASS: pr300-ltlib.test
PASS: primary-prefix-couples-documented-valid.test
PASS: py-compile-basic.test
PASS: primary-prefix-invalid-couples.test
PASS: py-compile-basic2.test
PASS: py-compile-destdir.test
PASS: py-compile-env.test
PASS: proginst.test
PASS: py-compile-option-terminate.test
PASS: py-compile-basedir.test
PASS: py-compile-usage.test
PASS: pr307.test
PASS: python.test
PASS: primary-prefix-couples-force-valid.test
PASS: python4.test
PASS: python3.test
PASS: python5.test
PASS: python6.test
PASS: python7.test
PASS: python8.test
PASS: python9.test
PASS: recurs.test
PASS: python2.test
PASS: python12.test
PASS: recurs2.test
PASS: python11.test
PASS: remake.test
PASS: python10.test
PASS: remake2.test
PASS: remake3.test
PASS: remake4.test
PASS: pr401.test
PASS: remake-subdir-from-subdir.test
PASS: remake7.test
PASS: remake6.test
PASS: remake5.test
XFAIL: remake-am-pr10111.test
XFAIL: remake-m4-pr10111.test
PASS: remake-subdir-gnu.test
PASS: remake-subdir.test
PASS: remake-subdir2.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am.test
PASS: pr401c.test
PASS: regex-obsolete.test
PASS: req.test
PASS: remake-subdir-long-time.test
PASS: reqd.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am-2.test
XFAIL: pr8365-remake-timing.test
PASS: regex.test
PASS: remake-renamed-am.test
PASS: rulepat.test
PASS: reqd2.test
PASS: scripts.test
PASS: seenc.test
PASS: remake-deleted-am-subdir.test
PASS: sanity.test
PASS: silent.test
PASS: silent2.test
PASS: silent7.test
PASS: silentf77.test
PASS: silentf90.test
PASS: silent6.test
PASS: silent3.test
PASS: silent4.test
PASS: silent9.test
PASS: silentcxx.test
PASS: silent-lex-gcc.test
PASS: silent-yacc-gcc.test
PASS: silent-nested-vars.test
PASS: pr401b.test
PASS: srcsub.test
PASS: srcsub2.test
PASS: silent-many-gcc.test
PASS: space.test
PASS: specflg3.test
PASS: specflg.test
PASS: specflg2.test
PASS: specflg6.test
PASS: silent-lex-generic.test
PASS: silent-yacc-generic.test
PASS: specflg9.test
PASS: spell.test
PASS: spell2.test
PASS: specflg7.test
PASS: specflg8.test
PASS: specflg-dummy.test
PASS: spell3.test
PASS: spelling.test
PASS: spy.test
PASS: stdlib.test
PASS: silent-many-generic.test
PASS: stamph2.test
PASS: silent-configsite.test
PASS: strip.test
PASS: subdir.test
PASS: strip2.test
PASS: subdir2.test
PASS: subdir3.test
PASS: stdinc.test
PASS: subdir4.test
PASS: stdlib2.test
PASS: subdir7.test
PASS: specflg10.test
PASS: subdir6.test
SKIP: subcond.test
PASS: subdir9.test
PASS: subdir10.test
PASS: subobj.test
PASS: subdirbuiltsources.test
PASS: subobj2.test
PASS: strip3.test
PASS: subobj4.test
PASS: subobj7.test
PASS: subobj5.test
PASS: subobj8.test
PASS: subobj3.test
PASS: subdir5.test
PASS: subcond2.test
PASS: subcond3.test
PASS: subdir8.test
PASS: subobj11b.test
PASS: subobj11c.test
PASS: subobjname.test
PASS: subobj6.test
PASS: subobj10.test
PASS: subst.test
PASS: subpkg4.test
PASS: subobj11a.test
PASS: subst2.test
PASS: subpkg2.test
PASS: subst4.test
PASS: subpkg3.test
PASS: substtarg.test
PASS: substref.test
PASS: suffix.test
PASS: substre2.test
PASS: subpkg.test
PASS: suffix2.test
PASS: suffix3.test
PASS: suffix4.test
PASS: suffix6.test
PASS: suffix5.test
PASS: suffix7.test
PASS: suffix9.test
PASS: suffix12.test
PASS: subobj9.test
PASS: suffix11.test
PASS: subpkg-yacc.test
PASS: symlink.test
SKIP: tagsub.test
PASS: subst3.test
PASS: symlink2.test
PASS: syntax.test
PASS: tags.test
PASS: tar3.test
PASS: suffix8.test
PASS: suffix10.test
PASS: targetclash.test
PASS: tar.test
PASS: tar2.test
PASS: txinfo4.test
PASS: tar-override.test
XFAIL: txinfo5.test
PASS: txinfo.test
PASS: txinfo2.test
PASS: target-cflags.test
PASS: txinfo6.test
PASS: txinfo7.test
PASS: txinfo9.test
PASS: txinfo5b.test
PASS: txinfo10.test
PASS: txinfo17.test
PASS: txinfo8.test
PASS: suffix13.test
PASS: txinfo3.test
PASS: txinfo19.test
PASS: txinfo20.test
PASS: txinfo13.test
PASS: txinfo22.test
PASS: txinfo23.test
PASS: txinfo18.test
PASS: txinfo16.test
PASS: txinfo26.test
PASS: txinfo27.test
PASS: txinfo31.test
PASS: txinfo30.test
PASS: txinfo29.test
PASS: txinfo24.test
PASS: txinfo32.test
SKIP: uninstall-fail.test
PASS: unused.test
PASS: transform.test
PASS: txinfo21.test
PASS: uninstall-pr9578.test
PASS: txinfo25.test
SKIP: upc.test
PASS: upc2.test
SKIP: vala2.test
SKIP: vala3.test
SKIP: vala5.test
SKIP: vala-vpath.test
SKIP: vala-mix.test
PASS: vala.test
PASS: vala1.test
FAIL: transform2.test
PASS: txinfo28.test
SKIP: upc3.test
PASS: vars.test
PASS: vartar.test
PASS: version.test
PASS: version2.test
PASS: version3.test
PASS: version4.test
PASS: version8.test
PASS: version6.test
PASS: vars3.test
PASS: vpath.test
PASS: vtexi.test
PASS: vtexi2.test
PASS: werror.test
PASS: warnopts.test
PASS: whoami.test
PASS: vtexi3.test
PASS: werror3.test
PASS: xsource.test
PASS: yacc.test
PASS: werror2.test
PASS: txinfo33.test
PASS: vtexi4.test
PASS: xz.test
PASS: version7.test
PASS: yacc3.test
PASS: yacc2.test
PASS: yacc5.test
PASS: yacc4.test
PASS: yaccpp.test
PASS: yaccdry.test
PASS: yacc6.test
PASS: yacc7.test
PASS: vala4.test
PASS: yflags.test
PASS: yaccvpath.test
PASS: yacc8.test
PASS: yflags2.test
PASS: check-exported-srcdir-p.test
SKIP: check12-p.test
PASS: check-p.test
PASS: check-tests_environment-p.test
PASS: check11-p.test
PASS: check-concurrency-bug9245-p.test
PASS: yacc-dist-nobuild-subdir.test
PASS: check2-p.test
PASS: check3-p.test
PASS: check-tests-in-builddir-p.test
PASS: check10-p.test
SKIP: color2-p.test
PASS: check4-p.test
PASS: check5-p.test
PASS: comment9-p.test
PASS: color-p.test
PASS: dejagnu-p.test
PASS: ar-lib6a.test
PASS: check6-p.test
SKIP: gettext.test
SKIP: gettext2.test
SKIP: gettext3.test
PASS: check7-p.test
PASS: ar-lib6b.test
PASS: ar-lib4.test
PASS: check9-p.test
PASS: check8-p.test
PASS: exeext4-p.test
PASS: maken3-p.test
2 of 882 tests failed
(55 tests were not run)
See tests/test-suite.log
Please report to address@hidden
Makefile:1335: recipe for target `test-suite.log' failed
make[3]: *** [test-suite.log] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
Makefile:1413: recipe for target `check-TESTS' failed
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
Makefile:1497: recipe for target `check-am' failed
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/peda/automake-1.11.2b/tests'
Makefile:483: recipe for target `check-recursive' failed
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1

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