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Re: Automake 1.11.2b test release

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: Automake 1.11.2b test release
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 21:58:54 +0100

On 01/27/2012 09:40 PM, Peter Rosin wrote:
> Stefano Lattarini skrev 2012-01-27 18:37:
>> Thanks for the link.  What do you think of the workaround provided by the
>> attached patch?  Good to go before 1.11.3?
> I haven't tested the patch, but if you ask me, I don't like "hiding" this
> in a SKIP.  This is another case where a "local" XFAIL would be really
> nice.  How impossible is it to introduce some kind of mechanism that a
> test can trigger when it has detected some condition that makes a future
> FAIL expected?
It's already there -- in master only, where we have TAP support.

> Let me know if you still want me to test your patch.
Yes please, that would be appreciated.  We can apply the patch to maint as
a band-aid, and switch to proper "localized XFAIL" once we merge to master
(extra kudos to anyone who volunteers to implement such a follow-up ;-).


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