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Dependencies and other issues with generated files

From: David Sveningsson
Subject: Dependencies and other issues with generated files
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 18:13:26 +0200
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I'm having some problems when generating source files. I have written a
tool which generates both a c source-file, a header and dependencies of
the source, all at the same time using a single command.

After stripping of the flags my rules basically look like this:

    SUFFIXES = .foo
    app_SOURCES = main.c
        ./mytool -f $< -e $(basename $@).h -o $@

(main.c includes test.h)

The first problem I'm having is that test.h may not have been built when
compiling main.c (especially if using parallel build). I guess a
workaround would be to add a dependency like "main.c: test.c". Is there
a way to handle this dependency in a more automatic way?

Secondly if is in a subdirectory and I'm doing an out-of-tree
build the folder does not exist. Is there a way to automatically create
the required folders or rename the file similar to object files (e.g.
myapp-main.o)? I got it working using "@test -e $(dir $@) || mkdir -p
$(dir $@)", which I guess would be fine but it also seems like a hack to me.

Next I'm having issues when cleaning. I would like "make clean" to
remove the generated files. I was expecting at least test.c to be
cleaned automatically but none of the generated files was removed.
Manually adding to CLEANFILES or clean-local is tiresome and error-prone.

I have control of the generator source code but it is meant to be used
without having the source in tree. I could split the header generation
into a separate step but as it mean the source has to be parsed and
prepared multiple times I would prefer to keep it as a single command.

In the end, I'd like my (.foo) sources to behave very similar to a
regular c-file (from the users perspective).

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