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help2man rule with non-recursive Makefile

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: help2man rule with non-recursive Makefile
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 20:27:35 +1000
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As I'm trying to convert to non-recursive Makefiles in my projects, I bumped into a problem that have been seen by many, so I wonder what the best solution is. The problem is that I have a rule to build the man page that looks like this:

# We would like to depend on binaries, but since svndigest.1
# is distributed it is recommended to depend on only distributed files
# (see automake manual 27.5).
# We depend on configure to catch VERSION changes, to
# catch rules changes, svndigest.x is an obvious dependency, and
# lib/.revision changes for every revision.
man_deps=$(top_srcdir)/configure $(srcdir)/ \
    $(srcdir)/man/svndigest.x $(top_srcdir)/.revision

$(srcdir)/man/svndigest.1: $(man_deps)
    @$(HELP2MAN) --no-info -o $@ \
    --include $(srcdir)/man/svndigest.x \
    --version-option="--no-verbose --version" \

This was never a problem because this rule was in directory 'man', which was traversed after 'bin' and 'bin/svndigest' existed. Converting this setup to a non-recursive Makefile, this assumption and no longer true, and in my first [naive] attempt, of course, I bumped into the problem that the rule was triggered before 'bin/svndigest' was built. What is the wisest solution for this problem? I can see that one could move the rule out from 'make all' or that one have different rules depending on building from VCS or tarball. Any thoughts?


Peter Johansson

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