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Problems with --start-group --end-group

From: Anders Roxell
Subject: Problems with --start-group --end-group
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 22:33:32 +0200
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Hi all,

Go a bit of a problem.
We are using autotools for our project.

The structure we have in our project is like this:


The LDFLAGS between the platforms are different.
And each platform will create a library.

I want the linking flags from platform/* (whichever platform we built
for) propagated to the example/*/Makefile.
This means, I want to build the example binaries with the same LDFLAGS
as the platform library.

We have circular dependencies when linking one of the platforms, so we
use --start-group --end-group in AM_LDFLAGS for this platform.
This is striped if we specify it in LIBS variable.

The problem is:
This doesn't propagate to the examples Makefile.

How should we solve this?
What automake macro should we use, and where?
Or can you recommend a different solution?

Or what do we do wrong?

Anders Roxell
M: +46 709 71 42 85 | IRC: roxell

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