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*CLEANFILES dependency

From: fr33domlover
Subject: *CLEANFILES dependency
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 22:30:04 +0300


This is my first message on this list. I'm doing a lot of autotools related
work recently so (depending on my level of success) it may be the first of
many :-)

I read in the Automake manual (the one at about CLEANFILES,
DISTCLEANFILES and so on. One thing I noticed after going over the manuals and
searching the web is that nothing says any of them depend on the others. For
example, if I add a file to DISTCLEANFILES, so I also need to manually add it
to CLEANFILES? Does the former include the $(latter)?

It seems the answer is yes, judging by some code I've seen, but

1) It's just my guess,
2) It should probably be documented and made clear in the Automake manual

Since it would be just a minor edit to the texinfo files, I suppose I could
send a patch - but first I need to know the answer to my question, of course.

I'm going to write some dummy and see what happens in the final
Makefile, but I still do prefer to know whether such inclusion of *CLEANFILES
is formal and can be expected from Automake.

Thanks in advance,

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