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nodist_noinst_SCRIPTS and `make distcheck`

From: fr33domlover
Subject: nodist_noinst_SCRIPTS and `make distcheck`
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:51:18 +0300


I'm using automake 1.11.6 (from debian 7 stable).

I have a script in my project, which creates the ChangeLog from the git log
(it's the script from gnulib). Since the script is meant only for `make dist`,
it's neither distributed nor installed. I didn't put it in any variable, not
even nodist_noinst_SCRIPTS. Everything seemed to work, including `make dist`.

Now I tried `make distcheck` for the first time. It fails because it cannot
find the script. When it copies the srcdir content into a new temporary place,
it simply "forgets" to take the script, maybe because there are no targets for
it at all.

So the result is an error, file not found.

I tried making the ChangeLog target depend on that script and/or define
nodist_noinst_SCRIPTS, but then the result is another error: "all-am requires
util/, but there are no rules for building it".

Of course I can add a fake rule for the script, which does nothing, but is that
a good solution or a dirty workaround?

Q: Why don't I just distribute the script?
A: It's meant only for maintainers and requires the full git history, so it's
useless in a tarball.

What should I do? I do want my `make distcheck` to succeed, and this issue
seems to be the only thing preventing that.


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