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Autotools and CMake

From: Kip Warner
Subject: Autotools and CMake
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 19:37:32 -0800

Hey Stefano,

I have a working autotooled project foo that has a new dependency X. X
will be distributed as part of the source distribution in subdirectory

X uses its own build system, CMake. To generate X's top level
X/build-dir/Makefile, one runs cmake in the desired build directory with
the last argument X's source root.

What is the most elegant way of solving this problem that you would
suggest? Should foo's  toplevel be modified with a SUBDIRS
containing X so that make recursively decends into X/? In order to do
that, cmake must be executed prior to that to prepare X's makefile.


Kip Warner -- Senior Software Engineer
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