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Re: automake document section 15 change

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: automake document section 15 change
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2015 09:33:34 +0100

On 13 April 2015 at 20:34, Arthur Schwarz <address@hidden> wrote:
> I am very much a novice at this so if I have made (some) mistake(s) please
> tell me how to correct them.
> I have a suggested change to the general introduction given in Section 15
> "support for test suites" section of the manual. Before I proceed with any
> additional input/changes/opinions/or anything I would like to submit my
> suggestions. If they are favorably received then I will continue as best I
> can. My viewpoint is to contribute and not criticize.
> The .tex file generated was generated using Open Office vrs. 4.1.1 with
> extension writer2latex. This is my first use and I have not the slightest
> idea whether it works or how well it works (if you have suggestions of using
> a .tex reader then I'd be grateful).

I would like to comment on your text but can't because the generated
content like the following is unreadable:

> \newcommand\labellistLileveli{\textstyleBulletSymbols{{\textbullet}}}
> \newcommand\labellistLilevelii{\textstyleBulletSymbols{{\textbullet}}}
> \newcommand\labellistLileveliii{\textstyleBulletSymbols{{\textbullet}}}
> \newcommand\labellistLileveliv{\textstyleBulletSymbols{{\textbullet}}}
> \newenvironment{listLileveli}{\def\writerlistleftskip{\setlength\leftskip{0.
> 5in}}\def\writerlistparindent{}\def\writerlistlabel{}\def\item{\def\writerli
> stparindent{\setlength\parindent{-0.25in}}\def\writerlistlabel{\makebox[0cm]
> [l]{\labellistLileveli}\hspace{0.25in}\writerlistremovelabel}}}{}
> \newenvironment{listLilevelii}{\def\writerlistleftskip{\setlength\leftskip{0
> .75in}}\def\writerlistparindent{}\def\writerlistlabel{}\def\item{\def\writer
> listparindent{\setlength\parindent{-0.25in}}\def\writerlistlabel{\makebox[0c
> m][l]{\labellistLilevelii}\hspace{0.25in}\writerlistremovelabel}}}{}
> \newenvironment{listLileveliii}{\def\writerlistleftskip{\setlength\leftskip{
> 1in}}\def\writerlistparindent{}\def\writerlistlabel{}\def\item{\def\writerli
> stparindent{\setlength\parindent{-0.25in}}\def\writerlistlabel{\makebox[0cm]
> [l]{\labellistLileveliii}\hspace{0.25in}\writerlistremovelabel}}}{}
> \newenvironment{listLileveliv}{\def\writerlistleftskip{\setlength\leftskip{1
> .25in}}\def\writerlistparindent{}\def\writerlistlabel{}\def\item{\def\writer
> listparindent{\setlength\parindent{-0.25in}}\def\writerlistlabel{\makebox[0c

You would get more comments if you used the format of the existing
Texinfo sources for the manuals. If you don't want to learn how to
write Texinfo plain text would be preferable to automatically
generated LaTeX.

> I have looked at the generated .tex file and I don't see any of my created
> figures. If figures are not supported I suppose that text and effort are
> wasted.

Images are supported with the @image Texinfo command.

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