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Re: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: Re: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 16:55:50 +1000
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On 05/13/2015 08:42 AM, Arthur Schwarz wrote:

Yes, this is expected.  test-suite.log is created no matter what, but
the rules associated with creating it fail if the log contains any
failure reports, so that make will quit running and let you investigate
those failures.
If I understand this correctly, when executing test scripts the first
failure will cause make to discontinue execution (?). This doesn't happen.
Make continues until all tests in the variable TESTS are executed. Then
again, I must be misunderstanding you?

Correct. All tests will run and create their corresponding .log files.

As for why test-suite.log was not replayed as part of the make output,
I'm not sure that you had VERBOSE=1 set.  So far, you've only attached
the generated Makefile (but not the source, and didn't show
what command you ran.  You'll need to make your setup easier for others
to reproduce before we can see what you are attempting.
I am including several files.
    test.pdf        console output showing test results     src/Makefile
    Test-suite.log  generated file    ./     ./
As for the test-suite.log not having much output, it is probably because
your tests are not very noisy.  Running make captured all of the output
of your tests, but if your tests didn't output anything, then the log
has very little to show.  Again, without knowing what your test scripts
are doing, it's hard to reproduce your setup.
 From the Automake Manual Section 15.2.3 Parallel Test Harness, " The output
from failed tests is collected in the test-suite.log file. If the variable
'VERBOSE' is set, this file is output after the summary."

This quote is in fact not fully accurate. The output from all tests are
collected in the test-suite.log file.

Nope, I just ran 'make check' in one of my projects and test-suite.log only contains the output from the test that failed.

I can not set VERBOSE to output the
test-suite.log file.

Your statement concerning the paucity of output does not preclude showing
any output. In fact, removing the generated "echo" statements from the
generated shell scripts in, and making no other change, will
show that the test harness generates an output for each test case executed
in the test-suite.log file.

I have tried to set VERBOSE in my to '1' and to 'yes' and "yes"
and just plain yes. The test-suite.log file does not output. Am I missing
something? How is VERBOSE supposed to be turned on?

Usually I run my tests with something like this:

make check -j8 VERBOSE=1


Peter Johansson

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