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RE: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin

From: Arthur Schwarz
Subject: RE: How do you set VERBOSE for parallel testin
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 08:20:19 -0700

> Usually I run my tests with something like this:

> make check -j8 VERBOSE=1

Thanks Peter.

My question is is this the only way to use VERBOSE? The Automake Manual
seems to say that VERBOSE is a variable, not a make argument. And, as a
variable, if the user (you) can change it's value then the appropriate way
to do it is either:
    env VERBOSE=1 make -e check
    VERBOSE=1; export VERBOSE; make -e check

Have you tried "make check -j8 VERBOSE"? If this works then it means that
the existence of VERBOSE is sufficient to turn the option on. This is a
possible interpretation of 15.2.3 Parallel Test Harness "If the variable
'VERBOSE' is set, this file is output after the summary."

And as a simple question, why are you using "make -j8"? Shouldn't this be
part of the automake generated test code? Again, my interpretation of the
Automake Manual 15.2.3 Parallel Test Harness

  "By default, Automake generated a parallel (concurrent) test 
   harness. It features automatic collection of the test scripts 
   output in .log files, concurrent execution of tests with 
   make -j, specification of inter-test dependencies, lazy reruns 
   of tests that have not completed in a prior run, and hard 
   errors for exceptional failures."

is that the generated Makefile executes "make -j1 testcase" for each test
case or "make -j# test1 test2 ... for all test cases. Unlike the serial test
harness, the parallel test harness does not output an indication of what
it's doing (the serial test harness outputs "make test1 test2 ...").

In my little test (see the attachments in my previous post) the
test-suite.log file lists all the SKIP, FAIL, and ERROR, a.k.a, HARD, test
case results. Which is an elaboration of your comment and thank you for
pointing out that I was soo wrong. Sigh. 

Oh, to give you some context, I am rewriting Section 15 of the Automake
Manual. I have had so much difficulty in understanding it that I thought
that if I spent time in understanding what it says I might as well document
my understanding. Hopefully at least part of the effort will be incorporated
in future Automake Manuals. As to my errors. Well, just mark them up to
blind ignorance.

2nd law of software dynamics: Maintenance turns Order into Chaos

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