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Please, please fix the subdir-objects out-of-tree bug

From: R. Diez
Subject: Please, please fix the subdir-objects out-of-tree bug
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2015 13:44:27 +0100
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Hi Automake devs:

I need to build some files outside of the build repository, and I cannot use option 'subdir-objects' because of an Automake bug, so I constantly get many warnings like this with newer Automake versions:

warning: source file '$(BLAH_BLAH_DIR)/src/blah_blah.cpp' is in a subdirectory,

The (apparent) problem with 'subdir-objects' is that ./configure creates a directory literally named $(whater_variable_you_used), instead of substituting the variable with its value.

None of the work-arounds is satisfactory. For instance, I am developing, so I cannot disable dependency tracking.

Here is an example project of mine with this problem:

I am compiling vendor-specific external sources like ARM's CMSIS and Atmel Software Framework into an .a library and then linking it to many projects, and I have different sandboxes that build out-of-tree with different configurations. Other work-arounds like copying the sources to each project's directory tree would drastically slow down compilation times.

This Automake issue has been known for years. Could someone please, please fix this bug?

It annoys me everday. The Internet is full of the warning message above. I wonder how many people have wasted time on this. I wish I had the necessary shell/Automake/M4 skills to do that myself.

You will find detailed information on this problem if you follow the links here:

  "Autotools build fails due to subdir-objects option in AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE"

If fixing it is not feasible, could you disable that warning? Or at least provide a flag to disable that one warning? Or is there such a flag already? I couldn't find a way to disable just one warning, and I do not want to disable all warnings.


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