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Re: Control of .deps folder generation location.

From: Thomas Martitz
Subject: Re: Control of .deps folder generation location.
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 12:10:05 +0200

Am 07.09.2016 um 10:02 schrieb Bent Bisballe Nyeng:
Hi list

Sorry for cross-posting. I originally posted this to the autoconf list, but after further investigation I have reached the conclusion that my question is in fact more related to automake.

I have a project in which I include a few out-of-tree cpp files in one of my SOURCES directives.

I am currently trying to use the new subdir-objects argument but am having the problem that autoconf tries to write a .deps folder to the folder containing the out-of-tree files which is located in a system folder and therefore not writable to the user.

Is it possible to somehow force autoconf to write this .deps folder in a location inside the project tree?
Or can I perhaps resolve my issue in another way?
(I would really like avoid having to copy the out-of-tree cpp files to an in-tree folder before compilation)


This is has been changed in the git tree, but there is no release with the change yet. I suggest to try it and report back if it solves your problem (use the minor branch).

git clone -b minor git://
cd automake
./configure --prefix=/your/favorite/directory

Best regards.

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