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Re: automake: cleanup and revival.

From: Warren Young
Subject: Re: automake: cleanup and revival.
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 05:01:01 -0600

On Oct 25, 2017, at 6:03 PM, Russ Allbery <address@hidden> wrote:
> Warren Young <address@hidden> writes:
>> As for the portability of ANSI terminal escape codes, it’s still best to
>> delegate such things to curses or libraries like it, despite the near
>> ubiquity of ANSI-family terminal emulators.
> Does anyone really use a non-ANSI terminal to run Automake test suites?

I’ve never even used the Automake test suite features, but I do currently have 
a Raspberry Pi connected to a VT220 clone as the serial console:

I’ve run programs through it that have not done the right thing despite my TERM 
being set appropriately, suggesting they’ve got ANSI X3.64 — or more likely, 
xterm-color[256] — expectations hard-coded into them.

Also, I gave the “TERM=dumb ./myprogram” example in a later reply.

Although DEC’s VT series, TERM=linux, xterm[-color[256]], and more are all 
loosely related, the Venn diagram for it would probably be pretty messy.

This thread is about color.  My Link MC3+ doesn’t even *have* color, but it 
will do bold, underline, and blink.  Why should Autoconf care what my terminal 
can do?  The operating system has a database mapping what my terminal can do to 
a common API.  Let the library handle it.

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