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From: Basin Ilya
Subject: .PHONY: $(TESTS)
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 15:10:19 +0300
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Instead of testing my installable binary I want to test individual c functions 
in it. The binary's main c file has just the main function and everything else 
is in a build
static library. I want to add a test binary to my project and pass the test 
case names to it.

Here's how I modify the existing

     bin_PROGRAMS = rap
     rap_SOURCES = rap.c
    +TESTS = RapExRecMatches
    +.PHONY: $(TESTS)
    +LOG_COMPILER = ./testrap
    +check_PROGRAMS = testrap
    +testrap_SOURCES = testrap.c
    +testrap_LDADD = $(rap_LDADD)
     rap_LDADD = \
            librap.a \
            ../fget-1.3.3/lib/libfget.a \

Is this how you do it?

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