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Automake - Summer of Code - Has any student taken on the "Parse Makefile

From: luukh
Subject: Automake - Summer of Code - Has any student taken on the "Parse using an Abstract Syntax Tree" project?
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:04:28 -0700

Hi GNU staff,

I'm a Junior student in Computer Science at Oregon State University, US.

This afternoon, I just heard about this project from my Compiler class
which I just finished, so I'm totally aware that I'm very late to the party.

I'm interested in the project "*Parse using an Abstract Syntax
Tree". * I have 2 questions:

   1. Has any student has proposed or taken on this project yet?
   2. If there has been, should I or am I allowed to propose/apply to this

Once I receive a "yes" from you, I will start writing the proposal
immediately and finished it in a day for you to revise.

A brief related technical background about me:

   - Since I have just finished a course in Compiler at my university, I
   have a basic understanding of Compiler phase. I have implemented a parser
   for a subset of syntax of Python that generates an Abstract Syntax tree
   from the source file as well as using GraphViz to visualize it. Here
   <> is the link to this project on

   - I'm also in progress of completing the rest of the project, which is
   generating LLVM IR representing the Python source program, then run some
   optimizations on that IR before using it to generate object code for a
   target machine.

   - I have skills in Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis, intermediate
   level in C/C++, and a basic understanding of Unix/Linux operating system.

   - I don't have experience in Perl but I'm can pick it up quickly on the

   - Here <> <> is my
   Github profile.

Thank you for your time.

- Khuong Luu

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