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Re: [GSOC] Proposal for "Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite p

From: Matthias Paulmier
Subject: Re: [GSOC] Proposal for "Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite performance"
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 15:41:58 +0200
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Hello and sorry for the late response, I didn't expect to have so much
work to do for school this week end.

I have uploaded an updated version of the proposal for this subject. I tried
to take into consideration your suggestions.

> The most important part in this proposal should be the description of
> the various testing strategies that you intend to use and the generic
> software architectures that could help with the modularity goal.  If you
> are not familiar with either Testing or Architecture concepts for
> example with terms like blackbox/whitebox testing, you should consider
> studying those concepts in the community bounding phase.

I am somewhat familiar with those concepts but will surely strengthen
this during the community bonding period.

> IMHO with 2 proposals you should be fine in particular with this
> "Modularize" project that doesn't get much traction.  But feel free to
> look around. :-)

I finally didn't apply to any other project.

Matthias Paulmier

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