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Enquiry regarding Project Idea

From: Piyush Aggarwal
Subject: Enquiry regarding Project Idea
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 00:05:46 +0530

Hello, GNU !
I wish to inquire regarding the project idea from
The 'idea' was  Modularize Automake to improve the test-suite performance

Currently automake is implemented as a monolithic Perl script with some
modules for code shared with aclocal which is another script distributed
with Automake. To ensure its practical correctness Automake provides a huge
test-suite and requires every non-trivial bug-fix to be covered by an
additional non-regression test. Unfortunately this whole test-suite is
quite slow to run (~20-30 min) which makes it hard for maintainers to
effectively use it, and is long enough to refrain users to run it. The main
reason for this slowness is that almost all tests are
integration/validation tests that touch the file system. A more effective
approach would be to replace those with unit tests when possible. The
objective of this project is to incrementally refactor the current
implementation by decomposing it into modules and unit test those with
Test::More <>.

*Skills*: Good understanding of the different testing strategies, Basic
knowledge of Perl
*Mentor*: Mathieu Lirzin
*Contact*: address@hidden

I wish to work on this project idea if no one has selected the idea as
their GSoC project yet.

GNU has always intrigued me with it's tank-like strong FOSS culture!

Please revert back to this mail OR ping me at IRC Freenode nick: brute4s99

Furthermore, I would be happy to assist in any similar project for a rookie
FOSS contributor like me! I just wish to contribute more and learn more
about the FOSS culture!

Piyush Aggarwal

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