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automatically showing test-suite.log on failure?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: automatically showing test-suite.log on failure?
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 21:53:31 GMT

After make check runs, if there were any failures, I'm wishing for a way
to have automake to automatically show the relevant test-suite.log.

The post at suggests that
the only way to do this is to modify the test-driver script. Is that correct?
There isn't a target or variable that can be set to achive this,
like a "cat test-suite.log" command somewhere/somehow? I didn't see
anywhere to hook in in the generated Makefile[.in]s, but I certainly
could have missed it. (That post says the clean-local target never gets
run in the case of failure; I didn't confirm it ...)

If nothing else, I guess it could be done by writing my own little
LOG_DRIVER script that invokes the real test_driver and then looks at
the result. (I haven't tried it.) I certainly don't want to modify the
distributed test-driver, as that would not be future-proof ...

However, this seems like it would be fairly commonly useful and easy
enough to do in the canonical test-driver script. So, any chance of
adding it as a standard feature? Any reasonable way of enabling it would
be fine, e.g., a flag that can be added to [AM_]LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS.

BTW, as with that post, I'm primarily interested in this because of
automated build environments where all that is (easily) seen is the log.
Secondarily, in a big build tree, and with srcdir!=builddir, it can be
annoying just to navigate to the correct test-suite.log file. Thus it
would be nice to just have it up front.


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