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Re: A new, novel, and faster Binary Search algorithm

From: Gregorius van den Hoven
Subject: Re: A new, novel, and faster Binary Search algorithm
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2019 12:16:05 +0100

My apologies. The algorithm is licensed under GPL 3 so it seemed relevant
to the GNU community to me. Do you have a suggestion for a more appropriate
mailing list?

Kind regards,

Gregorius van den Hoven

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 9:30 PM Gavin Smith <address@hidden>

> On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 12:39:24PM +0100, Gregorius van den Hoven wrote:
> > I am hoping you find this an interesting development and are willing to
> > double check my work and/or forward it to interested parties. If my
> > algorithm gains traction it should have a positive impact on mankind's
> > carbon footprint. :)
> This is all very well, but the fact that you sent mail to a list that has
> not much to do with sorting algorithms does not do much for your
> credibility.  If your algorithm was really so great wouldn't it get
> popular without the need for you to send this kind of advertisment to
> irrelevant lists?

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