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t/ and timezone failure

From: Karl Berry
Subject: t/ and timezone failure
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 18:41:48 -0700

The automake test t/ failed when localtime and UTC were
on different days, resulting in the GREPDATE for the @UPDATED@ string
not matching (among possible others).

mdate-sh always uses TZ=UTC0. This tiny change makes the test do the
same thing.

I wondered if there were other tests that might have the same problem,
e.g., if TZ would be better set in (although granted this
was the only one failing). However, is the only
other test that was setting TZ, and I didn't see others invoking date,
either. So Jim and I figured just patching vtexi4 is reasonable.

Unrelated but so trivial did not at all seem worth separating: the doc
in referred to itself when it didn't mean to.

Any comments or suggestions before I attempt to push this? --thanks, karl.

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