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Autoconf test version 2.60b available

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Autoconf test version 2.60b available
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 00:14:46 -0700
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We're happy to announce the release of Autoconf 2.60b.  This is a test
version.  It is mostly a bug-fix release since 2.60.  We hope to
generate Autoconf 2.61 soon, based on feedback from this test version.

The important changes since Autoconf 2.60a are listed below.

The sources and GPG detached signature are here:

Here are the MD5 and SHA-512 checksums:

e6aea2171ce025e927c3837968b7f8b0  autoconf-2.60b.tar.gz
03317da28d73aa3327f5e6f328c0f518  autoconf-2.60b.tar.bz2

I'd like to thank the other major contributors to this test release,
who are Ralf Wildenhues, Stepan Kasal, Eric Blake, Romain Lenglet,
and Bruno Haible.


* Major changes in Autoconf 2.60b (2006-10-22)

  Autoconf-generated shell scripts no longer export BIN_SH, due to
  configuration hassles with this.  Installers who need BIN_SH in
  their environment should set it before invoking 'configure' and
  'make'.  As far as we know, this affects only Unixware installations.

** Obsolescent macros
  The documentation now says that the following macros are obsolescent,
  as they are superseded by Gnulib:


  New programs should use the Gnulib counterparts of these macros.
  We have no current plans to remove them from Autoconf.

** AC_COMPUTE_INT no longer caches or reports results.

** AC_CHECK_DECL now also works with aggregate objects.

** AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS now defines _TANDEM_SOURCE for NonStop platforms.

** GNU M4 1.4.7 or later is now recommended.

** m4_mkstemp
  New M4sugar macro, which is more secure than the POSIX M4 maketemp.

** m4_maketemp
  Now an alias for m4_mkstemp.

Here is a link to the ChangeLog entries since 2.60a:

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