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Autoconf 2.63 released

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Autoconf 2.63 released
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 22:12:38 -0600
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The GNU Autoconf team is pleased to announce the stable release of
Autoconf 2.63.  Autoconf is an extensible package of M4 macros that
produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code
packages.  These scripts can adapt the packages to many kinds of UNIX-like
systems without manual user intervention.  Autoconf creates a
configuration script for a package from a template file that lists the
operating system features that the package can use, in the form of M4
macro calls.

This release fixes some regressions that were introduced in 2.62.  It also
introduces some speedups in m4sugar, avoiding some quadratic scaling
inherent in certain uses of GNU M4 1.4.x.

This version of Autoconf uses GPLv2+ plus an exception for its installed
executables, as described in COPYING; the exception covers the
implications of including an autoconf-generated script in your project.
Meanwhile, several source files within the Autoconf project are under
GPLv3+, as described in COPYINGv3; these files are used for building
and installing Autoconf, but are not present in the installed
programs.  The entire Autoconf project will move to GPLv3+ when the
exception statements have been reformulated in terms of the Additional
Permissions as described in section 7 of GPLv3.

Please report any problems to the address@hidden mailing list.  In
particular, if 'make check' fails, attaching the resulting file
tests/testsuite.log is an integral part of a good bug report.

Here are the compressed sources:   (1.5MB)   (1.2MB)   (996KB)

Here are the xdelta diffs (useful? if so, please tell address@hidden):   (76KB)

Here are the GPG detached signatures[*]:

Here are the MD5 and SHA1 checksums:

43d76649fb86cd21d64f68c48d5abdcf  autoconf-2.63.tar.gz
7565809ed801bb5726da0631ceab3699  autoconf-2.63.tar.bz2
670b25f8b42118d2313f7593d9d89fda  autoconf-2.63.tar.lzma
840de076cb9324b15484dddf573be607  autoconf-2.62-2.63.xdelta
d42eebd3d342925116c3cb942e9320d5803fcb1a  autoconf-2.63.tar.gz
f15e14aa34acf871b47f659ef99a2e6707db4a18  autoconf-2.63.tar.bz2
9e8d11a4ba3f0ff647221a2d9d7100f9c13fda71  autoconf-2.63.tar.lzma
972fa51f5562a48882f7e54f624c156f27834017  autoconf-2.62-2.63.xdelta

[*] You can use either of the above signature files to verify that
the corresponding file (without the .sig suffix) is intact.  First,
be sure to download both the .sig file and the corresponding tarball.
Then, run a command like this:

  gpg --verify autoconf-2.63.tar.gz.sig

If that command fails because you don't have the required public key,
then run this command to import it:

  gpg --keyserver --recv-keys F4850180

and rerun the `gpg --verify' command.

This release was bootstrapped with the following tools:
  Automake 1.10.1

Alternatively, you can fetch the unbootstrapped source code with git by
using the following command:

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd autoconf
  $ git checkout v2.63


* Major changes in Autoconf 2.63 (2008-09-09) [stable]
  Released by Eric Blake, based on git versions 2.62.*.

** AC_C_BIGENDIAN does not mistakenly report "universal" for some
   bigendian hosts, a regression introduced with universal binary
   support in 2.62.

** AC_PATH_X now includes /lib64 and /usr/lib64 in its list of default
   library directories.

** AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS no longer conflicts with an external
   AC_DEFINE([__EXTENSIONS__]).  This fixes a regression introduced in
   2.62 when using macros such as AC_AIX that were made obsolete in
   favor of the more portable AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS.

** AC_CHECK_TARGET_TOOLS is usable in the non-cross-compile case.

** Newly obsolete macros
   The following macro has been marked obsolete, since current porting
   targets can safely assume C89 semantics that signal handlers return
   void.  We have no current plans to remove the macro.


** The macros m4_map and m4_map_sep now ignore any list elements
   consisting of just empty quotes, and m4_map_sep now expands its
   separator.  This fixes a regression in 2.62 when these macros were
   first documented, for the sake of clients expecting the semantics
   that these macros had prior to that time.  The new macros m4_mapall
   and m4_mapall_sep, along with extra quoting of the separator, can
   be used to get the semantics that m4_map_sep had in 2.62.

** Clients of m4_expand, such as AS_HELP_STRING and AT_SETUP, can now
   handle properly quoted but otherwise unbalanced parentheses (for
   some macros, this fixes a regression in 2.62).

** Two new quadrigraphs have been introduced: @{:@ for (, and @:}@ for ),
   allowing the output of unbalanced parentheses in more contexts.

** The following m4sugar macros are new:
   m4_joinall  m4_mapall  m4_mapall_sep  m4_reverse  m4_set_add
   m4_set_add_all  m4_set_contains  m4_set_contents  m4_set_delete
   m4_set_difference  m4_set_dump  m4_set_empty  m4_set_foreach
   m4_set_intersection  m4_set_list  m4_set_listc  m4_set_remove
   m4_set_size  m4_set_union

** The following m4sugar macros now accept multiple arguments, as is the
   case with underlying m4:
   m4_defn  m4_popdef  m4_undefine

** The following m4sugar macros now guarantee linear scaling; they
   previously had linear scaling with m4 1.6 but quadratic scaling
   when using m4 1.4.x.  All macros built on top of these also gain
   the scaling improvements.
   m4_bmatch  m4_bpatsubsts  m4_case  m4_cond  m4_do  m4_dquote_elt
   m4_foreach  m4_join  m4_list_cmp  m4_map  m4_map_sep  m4_max
   m4_min  m4_shiftn

** AT_KEYWORDS once again performs expansion on its argument, such that
   AT_KEYWORDS([m4_if([$1], [], [default])]) no longer complains about
   the possibly unexpanded m4_if [regression introduced in 2.62].

** Config header templates `#undef UNDEFINED /* comment */' do not lead to
   nested comments any more; regression introduced in 2.62.

Eric Blake, on behalf of
The GNU Autoconf Team

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