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[avr-chat] Toolchain woes

From: Robert von Knobloch
Subject: [avr-chat] Toolchain woes
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:32:15 +0200
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Hello list,
I am upgrading my toolchain for avr and wanted to get the latest tools.
Following the links on avr-libc "building and installing the GNU tool
chain", I saw that there are patches for each of the main tools to
update the newer AVR models info.
The patches contain references to the version of the tools that they are
specific to, e.g. the newest patch for gcc refees to gcc-4.3.4.
This I took as a hint that gcc-4.3.4 is the latest 'approved for avr'
compiler version :-)
But the patch does not run. Firstly the target file is not found because
the date stamp in the patch file does not match that delivered with the
gcc-4.3.4 source and, when I force this by hand, the patch still fails
because the 'expected' content differs. i.e. patch cannot find the right
place for the new content.
I get the same experience with binutils, although I could ignore dates
and get a patched version.
Am I getting the wrong source (direct from the gcc website mirror, here
in Germany - ftp.fu.berlin.de) or is the patch info wrong (or am I
screwing up somehow)  :-)
Would appreciate some advice on how to progress.


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