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Re: [avr-gcc-list] GCC 3.0 thread

From: Denis Chertykov
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] GCC 3.0 thread
Date: Sat Jan 13 08:47:04 2001

address@hidden (J Wunsch) writes:

> Denis Chertykov <address@hidden> wrote:
> > You use wrong binutils version.
> What's the version that is required?  I'm using the most recent
> _release_ one (i hesitate to use beta software unless really
> necessary), which is binutils-2.10.1 (November 2000).

Use the binutils from CVS.

> Since the current snapshot doesn't compile with that version, do you
> know whether gcc-3.0 will also be accompanied by a new (official)
> version of binutils?

Probably no.
But, "binutils peoples" are want to release a new version of binutils.
GCC releases and binutils releases is different events.

> At least not with a _release_ of binutils, that was merely my
> question.  I was in hope to find an earlier version of gcc that would
> work with binutils-2.10.1.

May be you newer found it.

> But what about the internal consistency compilation problems i
> mentioned?  Have they been fixed meanwhile?

You don't point to any real bug.

> I can't download the full > 10 GB of gcc source code each day, just in
> order to check whether it's fixed now.

Use CVS. It's really nice.

> spasibo bolshoye za otviet!

koi8 for Russian.
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