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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Atmel .asm to avr-as xlator

From: Dale Seaburg
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Atmel .asm to avr-as xlator
Date: Mon Jan 15 15:14:03 2001

I thought of another question or two.  Where do I find information (FAQ
or HOWTO, perhaps) on how to designate which segment you are in: Code
(.text ?) RAM (.data ?) and EEPROM (?).  For that matter, how do you
specify these areas in a C program for the AVR?  Code and RAM area I
could see, but how about EEPROM?  Suppose you want to load your strings
in the flash area?  I assume the C compiler automatically puts all
variables in the .data area (RAM).  True?  If I knew the answers to
these questions (and a zillion more ;-)), then I could write a small C
program, do avr-gcc -S to capture the assembly and see what avr-as is

What is the equivalent of the .def directive, where you want to
equivalence a register to a name? 

Also, what syntax is used to specify an origin (.org).  What would be
the equivalent of this: .org 0x60 ?

I have hand edited most of the .asm files to conform to avr-as, but I
still have a few things like the above that I don't know how to handle -
I simply don't know the syntax that avr-as expects.  If I could just lay
my hands on a good HOWTO or FAQ, maybe I'd not have to ask so many
questions :-)

Thanks for someone taking the time to help me.


Dale Seaburg wrote:
> OK, now that I have my avr-gcc tools working (except for gdb, but I
> won't go into that now - it can wait), I have some code examples given
> me that were written for the Atmel/IAR assembler.  Does anyone have a
> utility to translate these files into code that the avr-as will handle?
> I hand edited the 8515def.inc file, and now it doesn't cause the avr-as
> fits.  But, it looks like the next piece of code will be somewhat harder
> because of its length, and I don't always know what avr-as is expecting
> when it hits a snag in the IAR-compatible file.
> Any help or words of wisdom / comments / guffaws?   ;-)
> Thanks, again.
> Dale.
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