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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Uploaded new binaries for Win98

From: Rich Neswold
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Uploaded new binaries for Win98
Date: Tue Jan 16 08:49:23 2001
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Wasn't it 15-Jan-2001, at 04:56PM, when J Wunsch said:
> Try Rich Neswold's documentation:
> http://www.enteract.com/~rneswold/avr/avr-lib.pdf

Thanks for the plug! :-)

> It doesn't cover every detail (for example, i found that he missed
> the __attribute((".eeprom")) thing), and it's a little unix-centric,
> but it provides a good reference for the library part.

On page 21 of the document, I mention

    __attribute__((section (".eeprom")))

Is this what you mean? Is there a slightly shorter format (the one you
mentioned)? Or did you forget the section keyword?

I'll update the document accordingly, although it does show one method of
setting up EEPROM variables.

 Rich Neswold

 efax: 1.240.536.7092
  web: www.enteract.com/~rneswold/

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