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[avr-gcc-list] Wrong path infos in avrobj file

From: Gunnar Henne
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Wrong path infos in avrobj file
Date: Sat Jan 20 09:53:04 2001


I have achieved to debug programs in AvrStudio, which consist of a main
c-file and some linked asm. Files. This works only, when there are no
c-files linked, which are compiled with the -g option.
I traced the problem down to the path info in the avrobj files. For
assembler files there is a proper dos path, but for c files there is a
path having /cygwin/c/ instead of c:/


How can I achieve to have the right path infos in my files?


Gunnar Henne                      Email: address@hidden
oTRIs GmbH & Co. KG               Tel. : 0231 / 10616-21
Landgrafenstr. 153                Fax. : 0231 / 10615-44
44139 Dortmund

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