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[avr-gcc-list] Updated AVR Document...

From: Rich Neswold
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Updated AVR Document...
Date: Tue Jan 23 12:29:24 2001
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I've released a new version of the AVR-based GNU Tool document. You can get
it at:


It includes the following improvements:

    - I've checked the function references against avr-libc-20001125 and
      made the necessary changes (of which, there were very few.)

    - I've added Joerg Wunsch's avr-demo to chapter 3 to give a real-world
      example of using the tools. Thanks again, Joerg!

    - The Appendix now has a section describing the register usage. This
      section is based upon the text file that is bundled with the AVR libc

Despite these improvements to the document, there are some drawbacks (hence
the "-beta" in the file name.) Things that need to be improved or fixed,

    - Chapter 2 is practically worthless now. The document now refers to
      the 20001125 version of AVR-LIBC, which requires a version of GCC
      from the CVS repository (if there is a snapshot that works with this
      library, let me know!)

      So I need to rewrite chapter 2 to show how to check GCC out of CVS,
      etc., etc., etc.

    - Once I get the latest GCC installed on my system, I need to verify
      the sections of the document that refer to the tools' lesser
      documented features (like parameters to __attribute__, like command
      line options, etc.)

Anyways, I think the added material will be of use, so I'm releasing this
beta. Enjoy...

 Rich Neswold

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  web: www.enteract.com/~rneswold/

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