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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Error in Nordic object file

From: Larry Barello
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Error in Nordic object file
Date: Sat Jan 27 05:20:04 2001

The compiler is substituting "/cygwin/c" for "c:/" in the
paths to source modules.  Astudio can't figure this out and
craps.  Peter Fleury is not having this problem with
Gunnar's binaries, but everyone else is and it is very
confusing and frustrating because the current compiler is so
much cleaner/nicer than Volker's version (a year of
development will do that, you know :)

It is a limitation(?) of astudio that the source needs to be
in the directory that it was when the module was
compiled/assembled (debug information is largely pointers to
source files...) or it complains.  It sure would be swell if
Atmel amended Astudio so one could put in  a search path...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jim Pearce" <address@hidden>
> I am now trying to use the AVRStudio V3.21 and get the
same error that Gunnar got earlier: One or More files cannot
be found ->
> Error in Nordic object
> file.
> I am using the avr-objcopy program as follows:
> avr-objcopy -O avrobj gcctest9.elf gcctest9.obj
> avr-objcopy -O srec gcctest9.elf gcctest9.rom
> avr-objcopy -j
.eeprom --set-section-flags=.eeprom="alloc,load" -O srec
gcctest9.elf gcctest9.eep
> Does anyone see a problem here or have other suggestions
on getting AVRStudio to accept the obj file?

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