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[avr-gcc-list] general avr discussion list/newsgroup/something help!

From: Charlie Brown
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] general avr discussion list/newsgroup/something help!
Date: Sun Jan 28 08:17:04 2001

well, i ordered and received an mcu00100 and have been using that to
but i have some questions about how come the schematics for simple
led and switch programs work in the programmers
but not when i make them out on a breadboard
i don't want to bog you down with lots of beginner questions
but i am wondering if you know a good place to ask these?
i know this is gcc-avr mailing list but this is not really gcc related
so, do you know is there a general forum or something for avr that
is a good place to go?
thanks in advance.

if you care to try to help or have a possible solution off hand,
the problem is that when i program the simple led/switch programs they
in the dev board but for a at90s1200 program i used from gadre's book
when i wired the schematic up it showed led2 (portb pin 1)
always lighted even when the switch was not pressed
all the other switches work.
same when i use the program preinstalled on the stk500 8515 included
(pressing buttons would change led's, add, rotate, decrement, negate,
they start moving when i plug it in without pressing buttons.
i have a 6v power supply which really with a voltage tester puts out
more maybe 7v
could too much power perhaps be the problem?
or maybe it is something else??

thanks for any help
charlie b.

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