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[avr-gcc-list] Re: Found Solution for avr-gcc path problem

From: Gunnar Henne
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Re: Found Solution for avr-gcc path problem
Date: Sun Jan 28 18:09:04 2001

Hello Peter,

Peter Fleury wrote:

> I finally found the reason why avr-gcc added a strange prefix to
> the pathnames in the *.obj file.
> It was a missing Windows Registry entry which is needed to
> correctly translate pathnames into Windows drive:/directory/file.

Then my thought concerning the registry was right. :-)

Nevertheless I have put great work into building an avr-gcc without
using the cygwin environment. It was very hard until I found the simple

I tried following:
Installing Cygwin-Tools (complete) plus Mingw32-gcc
-> during make a lot of unresolved references of the linker

Tries 2) and 3) aimed at getting a cross-compiler from linux to win32,
which should generate the avr-gcc on linux

Downloading Mingw32 gcc-patches from the net, trying to bild a
linux-hosted i386-mingw32-gcc
-> failed during making libio

3) Using my gcc-snapshot. Apply no patches, configuring for mingw32,
making installing -> works. Using my binutils snapshot -> same.
Compiling and installing the mingw-runtime and w32api from www.ming.org
-> libkernel32.a ist missing some win32 Functions -> no executable can
be generated

4) Installing an Cygwin-System on my NT box, but leaving out binutils,
gcc, loader, linker, libraries. Installing those from mingw32
(Downloaded in binary from www.mingw.org). Making symbolic links from
i386-mingw32-gcc to gcc, same with binutils. Configuring for target=avr
--host=i386-cygwin --target=i386-mingw32. Replacing ln in Makefile with
cp. Put fork, kill and signal dummy-functions in gcc/collect2.cpp. That
was it!

Now I have a mingw32 based avr-gcc, like in Volker Oth's distribution. I
did the same for binutils. Using the cygwin-environment I compiled the

On monday I will replace the cygwin binaries with the mingw32 ones.



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