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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Can't Use Avrobj with EEPROM (can't find source file,

From: Christoph Plattner
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Can't Use Avrobj with EEPROM (can't find source file, nordic file error)
Date: Tue Jan 30 20:23:04 2001

Hello !

I had the problem, that the linker gives out an error,
that it has 2 overloapping addresses between the code
section and the eerpom section. I also use this
contruct described below, but all running under Linux.

Further there must be a official way to produce the HEX
file from code (section text) and one of setction EEPROM,
to program them independent with `uisp'.

I hope you can aslo help me, here.


Larry Barello wrote:
> Thanks to Gunnar for the excellent support on avr-gcc for
> Windows.
> Unfortunately I can't seem to load *my* application!  I have
> narrowed the problem down to this: If I declare some EEPROM
> variables the compiler is happy, but Astudio complains.  If
> I remove the EEPROM attribute everything works fine.
> Am I doing something obviously wrong?  Or is eeprom support
> broken in 2.97?
> #define EEPROM __attribute__ ((section(".eeprom")))
> // Initialized data stored in EEPROM (tuning parameters)
> int8_t  EEPROM Kp = 16;     // Proportional gain
> int8_t  EEPROM Kd = 12;     // Derivative gain
> int8_t  EEPROM Td = 1;      // Derivative period
> int8_t  EEPROM Ki = 0;      // Integral gain
> int8_t  EEPROM Ko = 1;      // Output factor
> int16_t EEPROM Acceleration = 0x70;
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