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[avr-gcc-list] AVR-GCC auto install(repost)

From: Woo-Hyun Kim
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] AVR-GCC auto install(repost)
Date: Tue Jan 30 21:26:04 2001

I'm sorry.
my e-mail client's default setting is in html mode.
so I repost in text mode.

again I'm sorry.

Hello !

I make avr-gcc auto installation and libc compilation program by modifying
in Volker Oth's avr-gcc distribution and adding Peter Fleury's avr-libc for

You can easily install avr-gcc like Volker Oth's distribution.

Get following files from Gunnar Henne's web site.

and get following file from my web site.

then extrat all files and merge into avrgcc and put avrgcc in any directory
you want.
Now, you can easily install avr-gcc as follows.

After unzipping, you need to run INSTALL.EXE in the installation directory
once (e.g. double click it in the explorer). This will create a batch file
called RUN.BAT in the installation path. Also, a link to this batch
file(avr-gcc-2001) is added on the desktop. Subsequently, AVR-GCC's
libraries are compiled ... this is necessary to enable the debugger to find
the libraries' source codes.
If you move AVR-GCC later on, you need to run INSTALL.EXE once more.
To use the compiler, some environment variables have to be set/changed. This
is done by running RUN.BAT in the installation path either from the command
line or by double clicking the desktop link. You might move the link to the
start folder of course or change its properties, of course.

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