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[avr-gcc-list] My EEPROM problems with 2.97 and Astudio 3.2

From: Larry Barello
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] My EEPROM problems with 2.97 and Astudio 3.2
Date: Wed Jan 31 07:03:04 2001

Well, I have a work around.  Someone can have fun figuring
this one out.

If you have a minimal file:
---- foo.c ---
#define EEPROM __attribute__ ((section(".eeprom")))
char var1 EEPROM = 1;

int main(void) { while(1);}
Compile, link and convert to avrobj format, it will fail to
load into Astudio.

It turns out that the following combinations of EEPROM
variables will either fail to load or load properly!!

1 - fail
2 - Ok
3 - fail
4 - Ok
5 - fail
6 - fail
7-10 appear to be Ok.

I didn't go any higher.  I solved my immediate problems by
adding one dummy EEPROM variable to my source file to
increase the number of variables from 6 to 7.

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