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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: New linux binaries available

From: Michel Catudal
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: New linux binaries available
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 12:31:08 -0500

Gunnar Henne a écrit :
> Salut Michel
> Michel Catudal a écrit:
> > I am puzzled as to how you managed to compile this. I compiled and installed
> > binutils but the gcc doesn't compile. It barfs before finishing. What is
> > your secret?
> A good magician never tells his secrets. ;-)
> >or are you ignoring some errors?
> This is it. The compilation fails for some not needed parts. You can
> ignore this 

Unless you do need support for the mega. Someone must have got this to
work at one time or another otherwise I fail to see the logic of releasing
such code. From what I see there are 3 problems here.

1- In the generation of an assembler file some junk is generated
in gcc/config/avr/avr.c which gives an illegal opcode use, meaning
that in a case where you can only use a register an immediate value is used.
Replacing the 0 and 1 as I described previously to r0 and r1 satisfies
the compiler.
2- Overriding of processor .arch command doesn't seem to be valid anymore
Commenting the offending line in avr.c removes the error messages which
complains about something allready defined.
3- movw is not defined in binutils which makes the compiler barf at that
point. It would appear to me that the code had been there at one time
but somehow it got yanked out during a patching. Unless the maintainer
was to compile the code each time an update is made there is no way for
him or her to know the problem.
If someone has the information that is missing please let me know.
I would fix it myself but have no idea how the information is entered.
Having written some C Compilers myself in the past I see no problem in doing
that if someone could point to me at some documentation on how to enter the
processor definitions. I guess I could figure it out somehow but I don't feel
like spending 100% of my free time in the next few days to figure out something
that is most likely documented in details somewhere.

For those interested I do provide several binaries and source for SuSE
much like Gunnar Henne does for RedHat. Just follow the proper links at
my web site. I don't plan on having the binaries for the latest CVS 
untill this issue is resolved.

>und just make install, which will run through without
> errors.
> You can download the spec file from my page to build a RH7 RPM.

I allready looked at it, thanks anyway.

Tired of Microsoft's rebootive multitasking?
then it's time to upgrade to Linux.
We have all kinds of links
and many SuSE 7.0 Linux RPM packages

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