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[avr-gcc-list] UART Receive Problems

From: Daniel Mittag
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] UART Receive Problems
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 01:38:57 +0100


I have a general problem using the UART of the AT90S2333:
I've written a little test programm (in C) that receives values over the
UART and visualizes them  via 6 LED's that are connected to PORTB (PB0-PB5).
(just bit0-5 are displayed as PORTB of the 2333 is only 6 bits wide.
On the pc-side, I've done a output proggy that allows you to enter a value
and send it over COM2.
I't quiet simple, it only sends a value to the COM2 hardware adress,
baudrate, parity and stopbits are defined by windows98 enviroment, not by
the program. I use 9600baud, 8,N,1. (Same on the Atmel side, of course)

The problem is that the Atmel MCU receives a byte but not the one I sent.
The received bytes
seem to be shifted and negated in some way, when I first leftshift and then
( ~(byte<<1)) the byte on the sender side, the atmel displays correct values
but then I just can use values between 0 and 128, 129 will be displayed as 1
and so on.

I'm a AVR newbie, so maybe it's a obvious thing, but I don't get it, please

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Mittag
DMS Dance Music Service

*** the receiver program: (compiled with AVR-GCC) ***

// Testprogramm Atmel AT90S2333

#include <io.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <interrupt.h>

        outp(inp(UDR), PORTB);

void main(void)

        sbi(UCR, RXCIE);                        //Recieved Complete Interrupt 
        sbi(UCR, RXEN);                         //Recieved Enabled
        outp(51, UBRR);                         //Baudrate 9600

        outp(63, DDRB);                         //PortB = Output
        outp(0, PORTB);
        sei();                                          //Enable Global 



*** the sender:  (compiled with MS Visual C++ 6.0)***

#include <conio.h>                              //_inp(), _outp()
#include <stdio.h>                              //Ein-u.Ausgabe (?)

void main(void)

        int input;
        clock_t time;

                scanf("%d", &input);
                printf("\nEingelesen: %d\n", input);
                _outp(0x2F8, input);  // <- ~(input<<1)!!

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