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[avr-gcc-list] Hi, you C-Geeks (was: Which program do I need to program

From: Stefan Wimmer
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Hi, you C-Geeks (was: Which program do I need to program ATtiny15 L with STK200 cable?)
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 14:36:56 +0100

Hello, all you AVR/C-programmers out there,

I had a look at some AVR data sheets and found that the ATtiny15L is
programmed in low-voltage serial mode almost the same as a AT90S2333/4333.
The only differences are the address ranges for Flash/EEPROM programming and
the meaning and location of the Fuse bits.

So how complicated would it be for one of you to modify the programming
algorithm in programs like SP12, UISP, PonyProg, etc... ?

I'd offer some sample chips of the ATtiny15L (8 pin wide-SO housing) for
some tests.


> >The ATtiny15s datasheet says that this chips can be 
> programmed in serial
> >high voltage mode (which the STK200 wiggler wouldn't 
> support) but also in
> >serial low voltage mode (which the STK200 dongle is doing 
> with other AVRs
> >all day long).
> >
> >But the Atmel ISP software only lists ATtiny22. Are there 
> other (free/cheap)
> >programs, that support programming of ATtiny15 with the 
> STK200 dongle?
>Stefan Wimmer

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