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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Binutils

From: Denis Chertykov
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Binutils
Date: 20 Mar 2001 20:11:17 +0300

Oleg Gladyshev <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello all!
>   Help me, please! I can't compile programs for AVR on my Linux.
> Firstly I tried binutils-2.10 with gcc-core-2.95.2 (and patches for
> avr). When I tried to compile avr-libc-20000514 i've got an error.
> Then I downloaded binutils' snapshot from 16.03.2001 and gcc-core from
> 12.03.2001. All was compiled fine but binutils' linker (or 'as') doesn't work
> correct. It generates wrong ihex code! For example, it made wrong
> entry point for my function (moved by one instruction forward). And
> instruction 'ldi r28,0xDF' was assemlied to E19F what means 'ldi
> r25,0x1f'

What commands you use ?

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