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[avr-gcc-list] Working Win Release

From: Peter Bosscha
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Working Win Release
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 13:03:58 +0200

Hi All,

This is going to be a long one but please stick with it:
I've been using Volker's AVRGCC for about ¾ of a year now and have been trying 
to go to a newer implementation off and on for about the last 4 months. I'm 
working under Windows for a MEGA103 target. The reasons for changing are that 
at some stage I would like to use AVRX, memory management is better and there 
is support for the newer cores. I'm probably going to switch over to the 
MEGA104 as soon as possible.

I'm confused, the release that can be downloaded from AVRFREAKS has known bugs 
(read their comments). The combio.de site lists only older releases, again with 
known bugs (?) And I have not been able to get anything compiled/linked from 
newer releases (I got up to 2001.04.23). These produce weird linker errors, 
include files are not in the normal directory etc. 

Dennis keeps on saying there are no known bugs and everything is great and that 
is probably the case for the Linux version, but it's not my experience for the 
windows releases. 

So, is there an AVRGCC for Windows release available that:

A: Compiles/Links for MEGA103
B: Has no (known) mul bugs
C: Has no (known) O3 bugs
D: Has no (major) known other bugs

Looking forward to your response,


I have a c-based sprintf that handles % [flags] [width] [.prec] [l] type_char 
for %d ,%i ,%u,%x ,%c,%s,%e,%f. Anyone interested ? (uses dtostre)

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