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Re: [avr-gcc-list] TCP/IP stack

From: Harald Kipp
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] TCP/IP stack
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 18:25:53 +0100 (MEZ)

I'm near to finish version 2 of our Nut/OS, which
is still based a little bit on Liquorice. It's
Open Source with kind of BSD licence. The reference
hardware design is free as well. I'm using
avrgcc20010228bz.exe and the resulting 28k (!)
binary seems to work fine. (Btw. It's really a 
pity that I wasn't able to see any clear answer 
in this group with a link "Here's the most bug-
free binary of GCC :-().

If you need a professional (=expensive) version,
you may check www.cmx.com.

Liquorice could be found at sourceforge.

And not to forget eAvr, but I'm not sure how
far they've got.

Harald Kipp

egnite Software GmbH     TEL +49 (0)2323-925375
Westring 303             FAX +49 (0)2323-925374
44629 Herne

Embedded Ethernet - http://www.egnite.de/

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