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Re: [avr-gcc-list] uisp/stk500 again

From: Jason Kyle
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] uisp/stk500 again
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 11:24:07 +1300

Hi Thomas,

I did the initial STK500 protocol extraction (DMCA anyone? http://www.anti-dmca.org/ ) and Daniel Berntsson did the uisp support based on it. Atmel haven't released the protocol but have been claiming they will do so for a very long time ago, I got tired of waiting. I can see the same thing happening with the new JTAG ice.

Haven't actually used my STK500 for anything :) as it was purchased for the above reason, hence I haven't tried it with uisp. I'll need some more information about exactly what it is you're doing that shows up the problem, I don't run wine or AvrStudio so uisp & stk500 info would be better. We'll get it sorted!

Jason Kyle

PS Your initial post was a little vague - I didn't know what to reply with. Having said that the link about "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" is good information and recommended reading for everyone, it is important for all of us to get along.

At 11:52 2/11/2001, Thomas wrote:
Since friendly Scott Finneran sent me some advice that didn't help at all,
here's another try:

What I'm actually trying, is to get the Stk500 control for AvrStudio working
with wine. While failing at that that, we (notably Uwe Bonnes) found that the
Stk500 control gets stuck switching the board to programming mode, when at
that time it expects 2 bytes to be sent back from the board, when only one is
received. Even changing the timeout behaviour of wine didn't help. What leads
to my question is, that I then tried uisp to control the board, which shows
exactly the same behaviour at the same point in the protocol. So possibly it
is not a wine problem at all.Magically the Stk500 control of AvrStudio works
fine under windows/vmware.

So long

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