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Re: [avr-gcc-list] GCC 3.0.2 unsigned int bug?

From: Chris Elmquist
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] GCC 3.0.2 unsigned int bug?
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 18:13:49 -0600
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On Monday (12/17/2001 at 05:00PM -0500), address@hidden wrote:
> As I am "lurking" and do not (yet) have avr-gcc installed, please forgive
> me for asking:
> 1: are there compiler directives available similar to #OPTIMIZE and
> #NOOPTIMIZE which would selectively enable and disable optimization around
> defined source code segments (ref: Intel PL/M 80 circa 1980-1989)?

I'm still researching this one.  Normally, one would expect some kind
of #pragma to control this but I don't see any GCC pragmas that relate
to optimization.

Here's the best GCC online reference that I know:


> 2: is there a compiler directive available like #INLINE which would let one
> code a "function" but would compiler as in-line code eliminating the
> overhead of the function call and return?

I think you're looking for the __inline__ directive.  I've used this with
other processors but not yet with the AVR.  YMMV :-)

> 3: is there a version of avr-gcc available for WinNT (or any Win32 OS)?




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