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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: Some gcc avr questions?

From: Jason Kyle
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: Some gcc avr questions?
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 10:45:00 +1300

At 09:09 20/12/2001 +0100, Reinhard JESSICH wrote:
If you receive this message from the avr-gcc list, please reply also to this address,
because it is not on the avr-gcc mailing list.

>>> Grant Edwards <address@hidden> 12/19/01 10:54pm >>>
> I've found that writing an RPM spec file and creating a source
> RPM is a very handy way to capture the recipe for building
> cross development tools on Unix systems.
Yes that's true, I will think about it.
But before I can make RPMs I need to write the needed patches and for this
I need the answers to my original questions.

In the meantime I have a c++ compiler, but I haven't tested it (libc and startup file still missing). There was a small patch necessary to tell configure not to build libiberty, but this was simple.

Tomorrow I will not try to build the avr libc. I have seen that this is not build with the auto tools. So I think I will write the autoconf/automake scripts, if nobody else has done this until now.

Contact Marek Michalkiewicz address@hidden regarding avr-libc as he is the maintainer. The site below is the official source for avr-libc and uisp, note there is also an avr patch for gdb5.0


Here are some parts of the original message again:

I used the official versions of binutils (2.11.2) and gcc (3.0.2).
I have started with the binutils followed by gcc (C and C++).
There were no problems until now except for some warnings in binutils and gcc.

First question:
Shall I fix this warnings or are they already fixed in CVS (havent' looked
there) or is someone else working on this subject?

Next questions:
How far is the C++ part for avr?
I am not so familar with the compiler internals, but I think if the backend
for C is ready it is possible to use also C++. Maybe the startup code must be
changed to call all con/destructors of global objects. But I don't know it in
detail. Maybe it is already done in libgcc. Any hints?

Is there a gnu simulator available for the avr or is someone working on it?

See Ted Roth's address@hidden simulavr http://res099095.halls.colostate.edu/programs/simulavr , note he is also looking for some help with fixing up some problems with the current gdb5.0 patch.


Jason Kyle

I know about avr-gdb-4.18. Shall I try to port gdb-5.0 for avr or is someone
else working on it?

See above, Marek's site.


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