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Re: [avr-gcc-list] coff files in avr studio, continued

From: v . sluiter
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] coff files in avr studio, continued
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 13:47:38 +0200 (MEST)

Hello all,

I'm happy I found someone with the same prioblem, I igured it might be
something with my PC... I'm using the avrfreaks version and AVR Studio 3.52, 
for a
program on a AT90S8535. I have problems with avr-studio crashing sometimes
(no particular reason I could find), and an offset in the line numbers of my C
code when I'm debugging. AVR Studio works fine in simulating, all the code
is simulated correctly in the I/O view, but the C-code view is totally
If anyone knows what is going on...... Would be great! by the way, a
colleague of mine uses the avrfreaks distribution for ATMega323, and AVRStudio 
without any problems.

Greetings, Victor

> Hi!
> I have been having some trouble with coff files in avr
> studio. I have concluded that coff files generated from elf
> files built on cygwin-compiled gcc/binutils/avr-libc 020203
> crash avr studio. When I switched to the avrfreaks
> distribution, it works a lot better. Don't ask me why...
> Now to the real issue: When I load the coff file into avr
> studio and step through the C code, the cursor is at the
> wrong line (on comments, for example) and does not really
> know what to do.
> For example, I added a breakpoint on the first line in
> main(), and it stops 12 lines under, this line is a comment.
> When I first start it up, I come into the gcrt1.S asm
> startup code, which I can step through without trouble.
> Also when I just run the code, and then stop execution, I
> get the asm output and I can see my functions in assembler
> format, but it would be so much better with source-level
> debugging, or whatever it's called. Is this possible with
> the avr studio/gcc combination?
> Maybe I should mention that I am using the jtag-ice to debug
> the code "live" on the chip, and not simulating in software
> in avr studio.
> I have been thinking about trying out the avarice project,
> but I have no idea what state that project is in... 
> Thanks for your time,
> /Ted
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