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[avr-gcc-list] Win32 hosted avrgcc Testrelease 2

From: Marc R. Wetzel
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Win32 hosted avrgcc Testrelease 2
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 04:22:00 +0200

First of all, thank you all who mailed me - for the great feedback, thanks
will go right back to you.
But I want to thank the people here who made this compiler + tools possible,
you know who you are !


What's new...

Additions to 27-April Version:

-   Recompile of binutils (new bfd target: avrobj included, was a forgotten
-   Several executables included: man, (cat, less) elfcoff
-   Slawomir Kawalek corrected pgmspace.h

-   gcctest file tree:   "Volker Oths gcctest patched by AVRFREAKS" patched
by me to work with atmega128
-   "Botgoodies" Don Carveths great direct-assignment header files

Get it at www .smartsolutionnet.de/avrgcc

AND PLEASE ! Do me a favour ! Don't post this link on avrfreaks or any other
"high" bandwidth multi-million-user
page while I'm only testing.

If I think it's ready I will contact e.g. Eivind to get a big 9MB beast a
little webspace.
(I will kill the link, if it's posted, or my webspace-provider will kill my
whole domain :(


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